Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Back to the past maybe?

Been a couple months since my last entry apparently… forgot I had this thing. We are now at the titan blockade, closer to my old home than I have been in many many years. Since we took off for Omerta a lot’s happened. As we arrived there we managed to convince the people there to move Omerta along with us as we would clear a way for it through the asteroid belt. We needed funds to supply our fleet so we had to sell Kyle’s beautiful shuttle, well I sold it. I got a pretty good price for it and I got myself a little extra commission if you know what I mean. We also met up with old Smithe, he wanted the shuttle but didn’t offer as much, let alone the extra commission for me. So that was a no deal but he did request his favor from a while back, Kyle’s jacket… that sucked for poor Dyson, first his shuttle then his Jacket… Man was losing everything. Anyways he also gave us an opportunity for extra funds, extort some people in the asteroid belt. We said we’d think about it.

Once we were in it, we tried to meet up with pirates, and we managed to find a leader of theirs, fucking Jake Kabrinski, that steel-eyed looking guy from the CGA that left early. We wanted his help and he played major hardball, took us a while but eventually we came to the conclusion that he liked being a scumbag and that offering him a better life wouldn’t do anything, we had to give him NEO… yes we gave all of the system’s pirates a damn planet… Figured it would give us a focus point to shoot at later on if they get too crazy, but still, that planet had to fly our colors after. That is if they make it anyways.

We sent out the pirates to fill up Smithe’s list and apart from some weird shit we found an lady in one of the crates he requisitioned, after much discussion we found out she wasn’t as much kidnapped as he wanted to protect her. We dismissed that and hired her for ourselves, her business acumen surpassed mine and within a couple days we were rolling in money, I kept an eye on things but honestly she managed things better than any of us ever could have.

Once we got to the Titan blockade things got complicated, we wanted to stay there and hold up against the incoming force but Titan themselves didn’t want to send us aid all the way over. I tried to get in communications with them, where I found out that Karen from the CGA was now their comms officer but she couldn’t do much for us on public channels, we had to take it privately.

I was getting excited but sadly I saw an old man on the screen, turns out that old man is her father, kind of a big deal on Titan and even I was starstruck. He told us of a technology they had where instead of fighting a suicide battle against the aliens, we could travel back in time into our old bodies with our current minds and save the world from there.

Now we aren’t keen on becoming nobodies again so we’re gonna give fighting a shot, but damn… I may just get the past year or two of my life back with a chance to start fresh… That almost sounds nice… Minus the risk of death by jumping into a black hole.


Taloswind sickboy2212

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