Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Back to the future, the long way round


We Left behind two groups to delay the oncoming Neo fleet, it was brutal sacrifice but one that we had to make, to buy time for the joint fleets to form a defensive line and to set up the fall back points should it fall.

At first the battle was pitched in our favor but the swarms of alien Mecha just kept coming and coming it was almost endless we began to lose front line Fighters. we positions our supply ships too far back we were too cautious. we set a defensive line in order to protect the planet but we had prevented it from using its planetary defense guns, we played it to safe and the battle turned against us very fast we were forced to flee to take that jump through time my stomach is still turning because of it

I woke up in the night back in my home on Luna, Luna unscarred by my mistakes I had asked to Takata to give me some code or information, something I could use to show him that I was telling the truth. I got up and i called Conrad I told him it worked and he agreed we spoke briefly exchanged contact information and i left to Takata to tell him how to stop neo.

I kinda want to jump back in time again after the fool i made of myself, I told him the answer to the Unanswerable problem the answer that was to make him trust me, BUT i never looked at a calendar He would not use that problem for a good few months My great ace up my sleeve ended up leaving me looking all kinds of crazy. I had a tail for a few weeks he was kind of stupid all i had to do to loose him was to walk pass the nearest strip club and he would lose himself in there nearest set of boobs. My contact was not as bad as “cowboy” Jackson he got himself drink, tazed and injected with a tiny bomb/ listening devices.

A few months later we all get taken in the middle of the night, all cloak and dagger, it pretty much was what we were waiting for most of us just went along with it Kyle and aldis got himself shot full of drugs.

Kaden was all dark and dramatic he wanted to be intimidating, the voice modulator was a little much. I guess we scared him with all are doom saying and found evidences on his own as he hijacked are plains and set off month early with a half completed ship and Zero completed advance Exo’s. he wants to infiltrate Neo and he want’s me to use my contact to set up this little gambit.

Worst is Kaden has delusions like Kyle. Now i have to deal with two would be emperors.

The asked me to send a message and i will send it but only after i have had time to talk to my teammates alone “This is the Good Samaritan, I’m leaving the Cheese for greener pastures, Bringing along some good friends and some souvenirs. Hope you are in good health, I might take in some sightseeing along the way” i prepared that transmissions for NEO.

BUT this transmission i will set up on my personal secure network “ Crazy man from the future is asking the Wonderkid of luna if he still wants contact, forces off luna early, will keep in touch.”


Taloswind Davidprime

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