Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Time to Step Up - Personal Log - 45 [Conrad]

Well its been one hell of a ride and things have escalated to the point of no return it seems like. It was just a couple of days ago we were all discussing on how we would be assisting the Martians and now even that has gotten twisted. Although I still have my life and made it out of a warzone again there is something bittersweet about it all. The battlefield is no place for a man like myself but my lives work has brought me here….Project Ragnarok.

The Martians big plan was to enter orbit and essentially use their ships as a metal battering ram which turned out to be disastrous. Not only were our fears confirmed of new NEO tech but they also were willing to sacrifice their own to further their goals. NEO itself now has taken a sinister turn and showed the entire solar system the lengths its willing to go to achieve victory.

There was a few interesting aspects that happened during the Martian breakout and the big one was we actually took over command of one of the transports. Kyle assumed leadership as the self-proclaimed emperor of sorts but that just may be the power getting to his head. What surprised me was not the transport ship surrendering but the fact that NEO is willing to sacrifice its manpower in order to inflict greater casualties. The override must of been installed a very long time ago and this was pre-planned most likely for a very long time. Either the top brass within NEO are extremely smart and they planned to phase out “manned” units or there is something else going on within the confines of NEOs’ leadership.

A couple unmanned bots were encountered during the Martian breakout which they showed off some of their new toys and luckily my toys still have the edge they need to stay one step ahead. The design and weaponry were extremely different compared to its predecessors which increased their capabilities greatly. This new rifle that was used emitted an enormous amounts of energy which gave them the capabilities to even rip through ships armor. The power of the weapon wasn’t the only thing that was out of this world unfortunately. Quick bursts of speed were also another feature with this new unmanned unit which leads me to believe that this is only the beginning.

Eventually after the confrontation with NEO at the Martian blockade we made a run for it. During our escape we boarded the Transport that agreed to follow us under the pre-tense of a cease fire. These guys were betrayed by the people who sent them off to war and to die. The men and women here were treated like sub-humans by the very individuals they were willing to die for.

Kyle, Jackson, Toby, and the others spent a lot of time speaking with Carta. I myself didn’t want to involved myself in the politics as I tend to avoid those situations. Currently I like to call myself an Inventor or Innovator if you will not a politician. Quickly word came down from the bridge that the plan was to travel to Luna. Going to Luna again almost seemed useless but maybe there was some tech/parts we could salvage. Eventually word came down that there had been a change of plans and we were going to Omerta.

Traveling from Mars to Omerta was going to be a rather long and rough trip. No longer being supplied by NEO this transport wont have provisions for very long so we better make haste. Sitting around and relaxing isn’t what I do or enjoy id rather be in the lab designing and messing with new ideas. So this is when I decided to hit the books hard and push the boundaries of physics as we know it.

Project Ragnarok came to me during my stay at Luna and it was supposed to be a minor innovation at the time. The designs for the core were supposed to just augment the already available power cores on the market by making them more lightweight/efficient and best of all innovative. Initially it could augment the power supplies in residential and commercial vehicles but that soon changed. Studying many ancient and new theories it was the theory of Electrogravitics that stood out to me. Then it just dawned on me that given our current tech we could achieve what is now called an anti-gravity field.

Given the current tech there needed to be some innovations done to make this possible so I took it headlong. Over the years there has been ups and downs and I never envisioned my technology being used as a weapon. Eventually I wrote up a thesis on my Theory of Anti-Gravimetrics but I never had to balls to officially publish it due to this war. Let it be known that my research and study is far from over!

Ragnarok in its current state allows me to utilize many different advancements in Exo-Suit technology such as the new ECCM systems, and navigations systems. My designs seemed to work great if based off the pathfinder chassis. The RZ41A powersource provides enough output to power all my systems with plenty to spare. Also there are a few design flaws with the design that expose some critical systems that need to be addressed in my blueprints.

I think its time to begin moving Project Ragnarok forward as a beacon of human innovation and the pinnacle of mankind. The first main step was being able to utilize the sheer amount of surplus power the Ragnarok had. Being able to turn wean the design off of physical ammunition to a more replenish resource such as energy weapons which just use part of the exo’s core to fire. Another aspect the Ragnarok needs to improve upon is the Energy Shield because being able to close while deflecting blows is crucial. As it stands it has its own standalone power sources that absorb and disperse force at a certain rate. If I could find an exploit in the Anti-Gravimetrics theory we could effectively warp space itself within the field creating a more effective barrier.

With some of the crucial systems exposed there is a big need for an amendment to the current design. This would be an interesting fix but maybe this would allow me to improve the wiring designs and even push the Anti-Gravimetrics theory even further.

Keeping up with technology and being at the frontier of new innovations is what I live for. I do not care for any form of power or leadership. Being able to advance humanities understanding of the world and the technology they use is a power many few have accomplished throughout history. There was this ancient Old Earth man named Einstein who was one of the greats of the science world! Not only did he further human understanding of the world around them but his theories and ideas are still being used today. Its about time I step up and become a man of legend!


Taloswind d00mbring3r

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