Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Jackson's journal

Jackson Murphy’s diary:

Well, I’m a little sober so I figured I’d start this, a journal as big things are coming into motion. We just got into a massive battle against Neo to help Mars. At first we though NEO had gone nuts, they started using all their manned ships as kamikazes, seding them to ram into us. We quickly met their new special unmanned exo’s. I stayed at range but one of them took a liking to me and Private Tobias. Tobias flew away and I thought I was done for, although I did hurt him bad and killed one of his brainless friends. That was until my old friend Kyle flew in to help me, we eventually got him and swept up the rest. As we decided it was time to leave, one of their ship that Tobias managed to get into contact with, picked us up.

The welcoming comitee wasn’t very friendly but eventually their leader invited us into a private office to talk, now I was getting a little drunk at that point from the liquor I had brought into my exo but From what I understand we basically rule them now. But we’re not fighting NEO directly, actually, the scumbags dug up some Alien fucking artifacts and now it’s out to screw the whole system. Somehow we were in control of this, we had to escape to the outer rims, to Omerta and then Titan to gather allies for the incoming fight. Kyle is the leader now, apparently I’m somewhat of a second in command (well look at me dad!), Aldis is a recruiter? enforcer? I don’t know, Tobias and Conrad are chief mechanics of our future army! Things are changing and somehow, Jackson Murphy, now cowboy, managed to get my drunk ass right in the middle of the shit… Just my luck.


Taloswind sickboy2212

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