Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Flight from Mars

The beginning of a dynasty

So far our two pronged attack on the soft spot of the NEO blockade
around Mars was going fairly well, although we did lose Akira in his
flag ship and one of the other two Martian capitol ships. At least
Trist was still fighting in the Minnow. Most of the NEO Exo’s were
destroyed and their remaining capitol ship was in bad shape.
Unfortunately, most of the remaining Exo’s were surrounding Conrad,
Toby, Toby, Jackson, Jacob and myself. I was starting to move in to
help Toby and Jacob, but three of the enemy Exo’s swarmed me. I shot
two of them down, then noticed that Cowboy was about to be obliterated
by a massive swarm of missiles, so I kicked my suit into overdrive, and
hurtled to his location and shot down every missile about to hit him.
Unfortunately the use of my power booster’s overheated my Exo, and my
fire control system is acting up. Oh, better that then losing Jackson.

I told Cowboy to turn his big gun to help Conrad, who had come to my aid
just as I took off to help him. Just as I turned back to face the big
ass Exo in front of me, it was blasted into a thousand pieces! I swung
around and there was the Minnow, it had finally made it to this sector
of the battle. Just about then, we picked up numerous enemy ships
heading our way. The enemy ship that Toby freed from the AI control
closed in on us, and Carta Vie invited us on the ship so we can get the
hell out of dodge, I took him up on the offer. Who knows, maybe we
could find a way to take over the ship.

We docked in the Excalibur, and the cavernous bay was empty except for a
few of the Razorclaw Exo’s. As the atmosphere was restored, we locked
down our Exo’s and formed up, I slung on my sub machine gun just in
case. And I am glad I did, because the large doors at either end of the
hanger opened up, and 20 armed marines came marching in, followed by
Carta Vie, and 3 others, one was Kikuchi that I remembered from the CGA. Well,
this pissed me off.

“You bastard, you invited us in here as allies and now you are going to
ambush us! I started to swing up my gun, just as the marines snapped to
attention and shouldered their rifles in salute. A little sheepishly, I let go of
my gun.

Carta Vie told us that something had taken control of their ships, and
the Excalibur appears to be the last NEO vessel under independent
command. “Good, this ship will make a great flagship for my fleet!
Let’s go talk about the details for our next step.” Carta turned a
little green around the gills, but simply nodded. Carta and his
followers led us into the ship and to a conference room with one hell of
a table. It looks like it is some sort of holographic viewing device.
Carta began telling us the story about how NEO developed such advanced

ALIENS!! NEO is using fucking Alien technology that was buried deep
below the surface of Venus. They have been experimenting with this
technology for dozens of years, but about 20 years ago the Emperor
started acting strange. At first it was reassigning high ranking
officers to out of the way garrisons, then it began escalating to
executing officials for alleged plots against the government. As the
war began, the human Exo pilots were being used as guinea pigs for
testing out each new generation of automated Exo’s. Of course all of this
culminated with a signal that seems to have originated from the ancient
alien ruins on Venus that took control of every ship and Exo in the NEO
fleet. The only surviving ship is the Excalibur, thanks to Toby’s agile mind and quick fingers.

“Okay Carta, I need you to let every one on this ship know that I am in
charge, and they need to follow my orders.” Carta nodded, and hit a few
buttons on the table, and a camera popped up in front of me. “Attention
crew, something has happened to the rest of the fleet, and our
government has turned against us. From now on, you will follow any
orders from Kyle Dison as if they came from the Emperor himself.” As
soon as the camera turned off, Carta pulled out his side arm and blew
his brains out. At least now I don’t have to worry about him causing
trouble in the future.

“Well, since I am now in charge, you had better take me up to the bridge
so I can let the rest of the Mars fleet know what is going on.” We
reached the bridge, and they patched in Trist and Charlotte. As soon as
Trist heard my voice, she screamed out, “what is going on over there
Dison? We saw you go into the enemy ship and then nothing.”

“Everything is fine, we have taken over the ship, and her and the crew
have joined us. So you can start calling me Admiral Dison.” There was a
polite cough behind me, and Kiriko looked a little uncomfortable.
“Actually sir, you are the acting Emperor.” Well, that put the biggest
smile in the galaxy on my face! “Emperor Dison, that has a nice ring to
it.” I told Charlotte and Trist we planned to head to Luna and gather up their resources. Charlotte pointed out that going to Omerta first makes more sense, as Luna doesn’t have much left. I agreed, and we set a new course.

I turned to Gios, the commander of the command deck. “You had better patch me into the crew. Attention crew of the
Excalibur. As you already know, I am now in charge of this ship, and as
your new Emperor, I plan to organize any remaining NEO ships, and form
an Alliance of all free Humans, and stop this alien takeover. I expect
all of you to do your best, and understand that your war with the rest
of the Solar system is now over, and the remnants of the Martian fleet
are now our allies. Our next step is to go to Omerta, and gather as
many ships as possible, and head towards Titon. Once we have gathered a
sufficient fleet, we will return to the inner solar system and put an
end to this alien threat.”


Log of Emperor Kyle Dison, the first of his name:

The first few days after we took control of the Excalibur were spent learning the ins and outs of my new ship, and meeting the crew. I went over the manifests of passengers on the Martian transports, and had a tailor and his family transferred here, as I am going to need a new uniform fitting to my new station. I also had any people transferred that have any connections to organized crime on Omerta. These people would be part of phase one to bring as many of the pirate fleets onto our side. Once things started to settle down to normal, I spent a lot of time watching the video logs of Carta Vie, and the three previous captains of this ship. I learned a lot about how NEO discovered and began testing the alien technology. Apparently most of the alien sites had been flooded when Saturn was being terraformed, and needed to be pumped out to be explored. The ancient sites looked more like they were organically grown, rather than built with technology.

In between watching these videos, I worked with the Martian’s I brought aboard that had connections with various criminal elements on Omerta. Once we met up with the space station, they will all head over and find their contacts. Once these contacts have been made, we will find out which ones have connections with any of the pirate factions, and send them out as envoys, entreating them to join our side, as we are Humanity’s only hope.

Once these envoy’s are on their way, we need to get down to some serious planning. I plan on creating a council made up of leaders of the various factions in our fledgling alliance, including Luna, Omerta, Mars, and myself and my crew for NEO. The first order of business for the council is to contact Titon and convince them of the need to join us.

Since we are going to need as many advanced Exo’s as we can get, I recommend Toby and Conrad share the advanced technology used in our Exo’s with all of our allies, along with anything new Luna may have managed to come up with.

On the way to join up with Omerta, I would find Jackson and Aldis. “Gentlemen, since Smithe with and E wants a favor from us, why don’t we be a little proactive. If we are going to bring in the pirates, someone is going to have to be in charge of organizing them, so in exchange for the favor already given, why don’t we put him in charge of the envoys sent to the pirate groups? What do you think of this plan?”

Flight from Mars

This has been the weirdest week of my life. After boarding the Excalibur we learned what happened to the Neo Empire. They found alien technology on Venus and begin to use it and I’m pretty sure they never studied it properly because now there it’s puppet.

And the extinction of the human race seems to be there goal of this malevolent AI. The Neo’s captain (a guy that the others seemed to know) turned over command to Kyle and we named the ship the flagship of a soon to be coalition fleet. Kyle been officially named emperor of the fleet and I’m pretty sure it’s going to his head.

I think my eyes are about to fall out as a look over all the technical manuals that the ship has, every scrap of information on the technology, every line of code, I’m reviewing everything i can get my hands on. I’ve drank more coffee in these last few days that I’ve had in my entire lifetime I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure my blood type is double expresso now.

I have a small ( really small) staff helping me to learn and i have begun to improved my ECM/ECCM on my mech and finding ways to defend the Excalibur from becoming possessed.

They scrapped an Exo of their, I’m pretty sure they’re short on pilots to repair my drones to full capability. I got my defense drones back I’m going to work on bringing up their weapons systems for now im pick up a spare weapon. We have to find a way to counter the alien’s AI ability to take control of our computers. I think I’ll talk to Conrad about making schematics for improve drone systems I might have to put project Seraphim on hold.

Flight from Mars
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