Jovian Chronicles

The year is 2371. Mankind has expanded into space since the beginning of the twenty-first century, establishing colonies on or around the planets of the solar system for resources and living space.

More that two centuries ago, after a prolonged period of environmental and social hardships, the global economy of Earth collapsed, leaving the planet in a state of turmoil and unable to care for its off-world colonies. The colonies then became independent, absorbing a steady flow of refugees from the war-torn Earth and surviving as best they could.

Independence was almost three decades ago; the colonies are now called the settlements, or “countries,” of the solar system. The United Nations still exists, serving as a neutral ground for the governments of the various planets under the name of United Solar Nations (USN). The new Earth government, however, has aggressive policies that threaten the new-found peace in the solar system. The tension is building up between Earth and most of the settlements. For the first time in two hundred years, space is being militarized.

The players will now enter this world on the brink of war.
Can they prevent it? Or will they cause it?

Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

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