The Basics:

Silcore at its heart is a d6 system, where players roll a number of d6’s equal to their skill value taking the highest result on any given dice.
When two or more sixes are rolled the additional sixes gives an cumulative “+1” to the die total.
When attempting an untrained skill, you roll two die and take the lower result.

The Die Result is then combined with any atribute bonuses that may apply and/or advantage/disadvantage points for your total check value.

eg. Sam Rolls 3 dice for his Dodge skill getting 6, 6, 1. (die result of 7) then Adds his Agility of +2 and disadvantage of being on slippery terrain -1 for a total result of 8.

Fumble, When a dice value results in a 1 (when all skill dice are rolled as 1, or a single 1 is rolled in an untrained check) a player fumbles. The Dice result counts as 1 for the check adding relevant modifiers. Even if sucessful fumbles generally carry an unattractive result. (weapon jams, disadvantages for your next turn ect.)

Taking Average, to speed up play when you are not threatened or rushed you can take average of your skill level +2 instead of rolling.

Taking High, when you have plenty of time (20x the normal amount of time) and where a fumble would not be seriously harmful, you are able to take High for a result of your Skill level +4

Throughout play, certain circumstances may grant you an advantage or disadvantage in the given situation. This is represented by a single +/- 1 to your skill check.

While a players can only have a single bonus or penalty, In opposed checks one Pc could have an advantage, of say higher ground, while another may be at disadvantage for being on difficult terrain.

Margin of Success/Failure. When faced with a threshold or opposed check, the difference between your dice roll and the required threshold is counted as your Margin of Success/Failure.

In most skill checks this will determine your outcome. In combat, your MoS acts as a multiplier to your damage. So if your opposed combat check results in a MoS of +3 you would multiply your weapon damage by x3.

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