Date: 2371

Earth, now a toxic wasteland. Its air polluted to acidity that will corrode metal in in a matter of weeks. Specialised alloys and materials allow us to survey what was once a beautiful planet to see where humanity went wrong.

From CGA records what is known is that nearly two hundred years ago the Central Earth Government realised that it was too late to reverse the harm mankind had done to their planet. Those in power decided that in mankind’s best interest a new teraforming project would be started on the three most likely planets. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter’s largest moon, Titan. Each Location had its own challenges;

Venus’s Atmosphere was thin and required vast amounts of sea water to be launched into the near boiling planet to create a shield against the sun’s radiant heat.

Mars while containing vast amount of frozen water had no atmosphere to speak of. Large refineries would need to be built to melt the ice to create breathable air.

Little was known about Titan it self. The moon already had an established atmosphere and breathable air, but the distance from the sun was vast, and the planet’s surface was frozen, and considered inhospitable.

Of the three Venus had the highest chance of creating an earth like living condition. Many of the rich and Powerful invested heavily into the project. It was the first of the three to be inhabited. With it took many of the wealthy and successful families of earth.

In desperation before teraforming was complete, the Exodus began. Earth was vacated by any with the means to do so. Their sights on the remaining two planets. Meanwhile what remained of the Central Earth Government and military moved to the Lunar base, now known as Luna.

The Remaining population of earth fought over resources they could on a dying planet, before global extinction took over.

Now Isolated from each other each colony focused on overcoming the hardships of their new home. Venus, was Named New Eden as the project was successful creating a near tropic like environment where plants thrived.

Those that Settled on Mars found its dessert like climate harsh to grow food on, and were forced to take to the nearby asteroid belts to mine minerals to trade to the other colonies.

While the Inhabitants of Titan made the best of their situation creating massive bio domes to create desired habitats.

As the decades went on, a sort of synergy was created between planets; Where Titan traded its resources and technologies, Mars traded its Minerals and ore and New Eden its bountiful food. While each planet was able to sustain itself, New Eden had the monopoly on the only true resource both worlds needed desperately, abundant food.

With Rising prices and demands from new Eden tensions have grown to a near melting point. Hostile talks have lead to all the planets towards a three-way cold war where space has begun to militarise.

To maintain peace, Omerta Space Station was built into deep Solar Orbit between Mars and Titan, to act as a shipping and trading hub between planets. it ‘skies’ Policed heavily by the first mechanized Exo suits units under the name of OPD, the Omerta Police Department.

The old Central Earth Government, on Luna, generations past has become the CGA, Central Galaxy Academy. A system wide University for higher learning and Military Training. Its graduates are highly sought after by the opposing factions as if to try and bolster their ranks in what may be the first Solar war.


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