Basic Background packages

The world of JC is a very hostile place with pre-generated prejudices towards different planets, and classes of people.

I would ask to avoid large conflict with other players you pick one of these neutral packages to build off of so that you and the other players are not butting heads before the game starts.


You and your family were aboard one of the many drifter colonies when you were accepted to the CGA, an opportunity to better your life and perhaps one day that of your family you left to train in the military academy.


Your Family was once part of one of the three colonies, but due to a past mistake or infraction your family was sent into exile, forced to live on one of the off world neutral stations. Joining the CGA is a perfect wayy to earn back your place, or seek revenge on your previous homeland.

Luna Citizen

You and your family grew up on the back step of the Academy, it was only natural that you applied when you became of age.

Omerta Citizen

You grew up on the Omerta Station, working, or trading was a large part of your life before the CGA recruiters came and showed you the possibilities of a academic life. perhaps you were forced away from the station, or sent to avoid the growing corruption.

Pirate’s kid

You don’t tell many people, but your father was a space pirate, With you at his side he pillaged the lively hood of others. The knowledge offered at the CGA could be useful, and if nothing else you can steal your own Exo and meet back up with your old man to terrorise the solar system.


Perhaps you came from one of the colonies and had your own reason to leave, you are free to create your own back story as long as you have a neutral position towards the upcoming war. or at least are willing to concede with the parties decision when the time comes to picking a side.

Basic Background packages

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