Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

The Jackson Murphy Memoirs ch. 1

My name is Jackson Murphy, who I was before it all started is irrelevant, All you gotta know is I was born on Titan and I loved it there. My family has to escape though and I spent the last years of my teenage life in a derelict space station orbiting the sun. I quickly had enough and enrolled in the CGA. Now that’s where it all began.

When I arrived at the CGA I was assigned a room, I was with a guy named Matthew, nerdy type, never talked much. As soon as I got there I was pretty social, I made a couple friends, some guy named Jake Kabrinski, Aldis Cuthbert and Kyle Dison. A kid named Norbert also stuck around with us a lot but he was weird and kept going to the infirmary. I remember pranking him once by basically shutting his dorm room and he was mad at me for weeks.

During our time there, we excelled, minus Norbert for the most part. We became a squad until Kabrinski suddenly vanished. About the same time as the NEO-Mars war started. Now you may wonder what war I’m talking about, stuff like this will come up but you will understand in due time, just believe that this entire story is true.

When the bomb went off on Omerta, it set off a chain of events, Neo was blamed and attacked Mars. Recruiters from both sides came to the CGA to fetch recruits, lots of our schoolmates left before finishing, enticed in a bloody conflict with promises of wealth and quick promotions. At that point we were already acting as a team and decided to stay put for now. I spent most of my time at the CGA bar and wasn’t ready to leave.

The more time went the more people left and at the end, very few of us actually graduated but we did. At that point we had talked with all the recruiters and still weren’t sure. My friend Kaiden, the bartender that had allowed me to live in his bar, told me he had another way we could go. He wasn’t very descriptive but basically we would get to help people and play a part in the war. We decided to help him and embarked on the Jemma, his ship.

This started us on a path that wouldn’t end for a long time and would be filled with action and weird events.

Oh yeah, we had earned names for ourselves at that point, I was cowboy, Aldis was red knight, Norbert was dusty duck and Kyle Dison, our leader, was Striker One.

Back to the future, the long way round

We Left behind two groups to delay the oncoming Neo fleet, it was brutal sacrifice but one that we had to make, to buy time for the joint fleets to form a defensive line and to set up the fall back points should it fall.

At first the battle was pitched in our favor but the swarms of alien Mecha just kept coming and coming it was almost endless we began to lose front line Fighters. we positions our supply ships too far back we were too cautious. we set a defensive line in order to protect the planet but we had prevented it from using its planetary defense guns, we played it to safe and the battle turned against us very fast we were forced to flee to take that jump through time my stomach is still turning because of it

I woke up in the night back in my home on Luna, Luna unscarred by my mistakes I had asked to Takata to give me some code or information, something I could use to show him that I was telling the truth. I got up and i called Conrad I told him it worked and he agreed we spoke briefly exchanged contact information and i left to Takata to tell him how to stop neo.

I kinda want to jump back in time again after the fool i made of myself, I told him the answer to the Unanswerable problem the answer that was to make him trust me, BUT i never looked at a calendar He would not use that problem for a good few months My great ace up my sleeve ended up leaving me looking all kinds of crazy. I had a tail for a few weeks he was kind of stupid all i had to do to loose him was to walk pass the nearest strip club and he would lose himself in there nearest set of boobs. My contact was not as bad as “cowboy” Jackson he got himself drink, tazed and injected with a tiny bomb/ listening devices.

A few months later we all get taken in the middle of the night, all cloak and dagger, it pretty much was what we were waiting for most of us just went along with it Kyle and aldis got himself shot full of drugs.

Kaden was all dark and dramatic he wanted to be intimidating, the voice modulator was a little much. I guess we scared him with all are doom saying and found evidences on his own as he hijacked are plains and set off month early with a half completed ship and Zero completed advance Exo’s. he wants to infiltrate Neo and he want’s me to use my contact to set up this little gambit.

Worst is Kaden has delusions like Kyle. Now i have to deal with two would be emperors.

The asked me to send a message and i will send it but only after i have had time to talk to my teammates alone “This is the Good Samaritan, I’m leaving the Cheese for greener pastures, Bringing along some good friends and some souvenirs. Hope you are in good health, I might take in some sightseeing along the way” i prepared that transmissions for NEO.

BUT this transmission i will set up on my personal secure network “ Crazy man from the future is asking the Wonderkid of luna if he still wants contact, forces off luna early, will keep in touch.”

Back to the past maybe?

Been a couple months since my last entry apparently… forgot I had this thing. We are now at the titan blockade, closer to my old home than I have been in many many years. Since we took off for Omerta a lot’s happened. As we arrived there we managed to convince the people there to move Omerta along with us as we would clear a way for it through the asteroid belt. We needed funds to supply our fleet so we had to sell Kyle’s beautiful shuttle, well I sold it. I got a pretty good price for it and I got myself a little extra commission if you know what I mean. We also met up with old Smithe, he wanted the shuttle but didn’t offer as much, let alone the extra commission for me. So that was a no deal but he did request his favor from a while back, Kyle’s jacket… that sucked for poor Dyson, first his shuttle then his Jacket… Man was losing everything. Anyways he also gave us an opportunity for extra funds, extort some people in the asteroid belt. We said we’d think about it.

Once we were in it, we tried to meet up with pirates, and we managed to find a leader of theirs, fucking Jake Kabrinski, that steel-eyed looking guy from the CGA that left early. We wanted his help and he played major hardball, took us a while but eventually we came to the conclusion that he liked being a scumbag and that offering him a better life wouldn’t do anything, we had to give him NEO… yes we gave all of the system’s pirates a damn planet… Figured it would give us a focus point to shoot at later on if they get too crazy, but still, that planet had to fly our colors after. That is if they make it anyways.

We sent out the pirates to fill up Smithe’s list and apart from some weird shit we found an lady in one of the crates he requisitioned, after much discussion we found out she wasn’t as much kidnapped as he wanted to protect her. We dismissed that and hired her for ourselves, her business acumen surpassed mine and within a couple days we were rolling in money, I kept an eye on things but honestly she managed things better than any of us ever could have.

Once we got to the Titan blockade things got complicated, we wanted to stay there and hold up against the incoming force but Titan themselves didn’t want to send us aid all the way over. I tried to get in communications with them, where I found out that Karen from the CGA was now their comms officer but she couldn’t do much for us on public channels, we had to take it privately.

I was getting excited but sadly I saw an old man on the screen, turns out that old man is her father, kind of a big deal on Titan and even I was starstruck. He told us of a technology they had where instead of fighting a suicide battle against the aliens, we could travel back in time into our old bodies with our current minds and save the world from there.

Now we aren’t keen on becoming nobodies again so we’re gonna give fighting a shot, but damn… I may just get the past year or two of my life back with a chance to start fresh… That almost sounds nice… Minus the risk of death by jumping into a black hole.

Time to Step Up - Personal Log - 45 [Conrad]

Well its been one hell of a ride and things have escalated to the point of no return it seems like. It was just a couple of days ago we were all discussing on how we would be assisting the Martians and now even that has gotten twisted. Although I still have my life and made it out of a warzone again there is something bittersweet about it all. The battlefield is no place for a man like myself but my lives work has brought me here….Project Ragnarok.

The Martians big plan was to enter orbit and essentially use their ships as a metal battering ram which turned out to be disastrous. Not only were our fears confirmed of new NEO tech but they also were willing to sacrifice their own to further their goals. NEO itself now has taken a sinister turn and showed the entire solar system the lengths its willing to go to achieve victory.

There was a few interesting aspects that happened during the Martian breakout and the big one was we actually took over command of one of the transports. Kyle assumed leadership as the self-proclaimed emperor of sorts but that just may be the power getting to his head. What surprised me was not the transport ship surrendering but the fact that NEO is willing to sacrifice its manpower in order to inflict greater casualties. The override must of been installed a very long time ago and this was pre-planned most likely for a very long time. Either the top brass within NEO are extremely smart and they planned to phase out “manned” units or there is something else going on within the confines of NEOs’ leadership.

A couple unmanned bots were encountered during the Martian breakout which they showed off some of their new toys and luckily my toys still have the edge they need to stay one step ahead. The design and weaponry were extremely different compared to its predecessors which increased their capabilities greatly. This new rifle that was used emitted an enormous amounts of energy which gave them the capabilities to even rip through ships armor. The power of the weapon wasn’t the only thing that was out of this world unfortunately. Quick bursts of speed were also another feature with this new unmanned unit which leads me to believe that this is only the beginning.

Eventually after the confrontation with NEO at the Martian blockade we made a run for it. During our escape we boarded the Transport that agreed to follow us under the pre-tense of a cease fire. These guys were betrayed by the people who sent them off to war and to die. The men and women here were treated like sub-humans by the very individuals they were willing to die for.

Kyle, Jackson, Toby, and the others spent a lot of time speaking with Carta. I myself didn’t want to involved myself in the politics as I tend to avoid those situations. Currently I like to call myself an Inventor or Innovator if you will not a politician. Quickly word came down from the bridge that the plan was to travel to Luna. Going to Luna again almost seemed useless but maybe there was some tech/parts we could salvage. Eventually word came down that there had been a change of plans and we were going to Omerta.

Traveling from Mars to Omerta was going to be a rather long and rough trip. No longer being supplied by NEO this transport wont have provisions for very long so we better make haste. Sitting around and relaxing isn’t what I do or enjoy id rather be in the lab designing and messing with new ideas. So this is when I decided to hit the books hard and push the boundaries of physics as we know it.

Project Ragnarok came to me during my stay at Luna and it was supposed to be a minor innovation at the time. The designs for the core were supposed to just augment the already available power cores on the market by making them more lightweight/efficient and best of all innovative. Initially it could augment the power supplies in residential and commercial vehicles but that soon changed. Studying many ancient and new theories it was the theory of Electrogravitics that stood out to me. Then it just dawned on me that given our current tech we could achieve what is now called an anti-gravity field.

Given the current tech there needed to be some innovations done to make this possible so I took it headlong. Over the years there has been ups and downs and I never envisioned my technology being used as a weapon. Eventually I wrote up a thesis on my Theory of Anti-Gravimetrics but I never had to balls to officially publish it due to this war. Let it be known that my research and study is far from over!

Ragnarok in its current state allows me to utilize many different advancements in Exo-Suit technology such as the new ECCM systems, and navigations systems. My designs seemed to work great if based off the pathfinder chassis. The RZ41A powersource provides enough output to power all my systems with plenty to spare. Also there are a few design flaws with the design that expose some critical systems that need to be addressed in my blueprints.

I think its time to begin moving Project Ragnarok forward as a beacon of human innovation and the pinnacle of mankind. The first main step was being able to utilize the sheer amount of surplus power the Ragnarok had. Being able to turn wean the design off of physical ammunition to a more replenish resource such as energy weapons which just use part of the exo’s core to fire. Another aspect the Ragnarok needs to improve upon is the Energy Shield because being able to close while deflecting blows is crucial. As it stands it has its own standalone power sources that absorb and disperse force at a certain rate. If I could find an exploit in the Anti-Gravimetrics theory we could effectively warp space itself within the field creating a more effective barrier.

With some of the crucial systems exposed there is a big need for an amendment to the current design. This would be an interesting fix but maybe this would allow me to improve the wiring designs and even push the Anti-Gravimetrics theory even further.

Keeping up with technology and being at the frontier of new innovations is what I live for. I do not care for any form of power or leadership. Being able to advance humanities understanding of the world and the technology they use is a power many few have accomplished throughout history. There was this ancient Old Earth man named Einstein who was one of the greats of the science world! Not only did he further human understanding of the world around them but his theories and ideas are still being used today. Its about time I step up and become a man of legend!

Imperial Order #1

Starting immediately the segregation on this ship stops. Crew quarters are to be mixed, and fraternization between positions is encouraged. It is essential that all members of this ship know just who they are fighting for, and whose lives depend on their actions. Comradery and our own innate HUMANITY are what will win this war!

Emperor Kyle Dison, the first of his name

What happened?

Post Battle: That pincer attack could have gone better. Much better. We lost Akira in the escape from Mars as the Wasp was cut in half. Triss is still alive though. I might consider asking for her help in the near future. Sitting here now I realize how average pilots will do us no good. These men need to be at least as good as myself if they want a chance to survive. I might not be able to get my revenge on Carta Vie but at least I can mold the Solar Navy into something worthy of battle. Kyle is the new emperor which I guess leaves me as the admiral. I’ve only got a basic grasp on flying ships and giving orders, but I guess I can put them to good use now. I hope Kyle doesn’t rush or get impatient after getting more people to join his faction. They’ll need some training so they can understand basic tactics and communication methods. Teamwork won’t pop out of the soldiers asses in the middle of a fight. I guess that’s my job now. Our travels will be incredibly long and in that time I hope to instruct the marines and pilots. Either way this weeks training looks like it’ll be fun.

Day 1 (Marines): First day and I’m already whipping these slobs into better shape. If I can’t improve what they know then we’ll work on what they don’t know in case of an emergency. The marines are good. They focus solely on kicking ass. I think they idolize or suck up simply because I’m a friend of the new emperor. I don’t care for that too much, so the first one of these idiots that acts more like Kikuchi is joining my personal squad. Zealots aren’t too reliable in a pinch. They see dying for a cause as more beneficial than living to fight another day. I at least wish I had an aide damnit, too bad I don’t trust many of these people and Theo and Charlotte are going to be busy elsewhere. If only more allies hadn’t died damnit. Today a marine named Greg decided he was going to be a badass and fight blindfolded. Greg of course got his ass kicked so hard his tenth great grandma felt it and winced in her grave. I’m not sure who this guy is but he takes self improvement too seriously. No one could possibly become good enough to fight 10 assailants blindfolded and win.

Day 2 (Pilots): I don’t think my speech went over too well. These pilots aren’t the best and they don’t look forward to learning skills that could save their ass someday. A pilot could use a little mechanical skill considering there’s more to piloting an EXO than shooting the guns. I still remember the look on their faces when I told them “And how useful will you be when the mechanics are dead and injured and only you can work on your own EXO?” I’m surprised it had to go that far considering my first line was about being able to mod your own EXO. Who the hell wouldn’t want that? Either way these pilots are going to need a lot of work if they want a fighting chance. I’ve been lucky so far but no one can rely on luck forever. Hank is the special case of the day here. The sod decided to show everyone up and add a shitload of guns to his EXO profile in the simulator. First of all you shouldn’t practice with theoretical EXO’s you’ll never see. Second, who the hell tries to use one of each weapon?! Is this jackass trying to piss me off? Mission success. Not only did he do terribly he couldn’t understand why his EXO immediately fell over and couldn’t move with all the extra weight. If you read this Kyle make him pick cigarette ashes up off of your rug with his mouth. Honestly I’d best stick to piloting alone, I don’t think these guys understand the basics of mechanical work.

Day 3 (Marines): These guys are REALLY good at what they do but that’s not a lot. I’m starting to think the segregation by duty wasn’t too great an idea as well. Oh well they can gripe from the floor after I’m done throwing them around. Maybe they’ll get it in their head that needing others to do half of your job for you doesn’t make you too reliable or much of a specialist. These guys are so obssessed with military tradition and etiquette it’s disturbing. But at least they kick ass and managed to learn some of the communication and tactics we use. Sharing that knowledge is top priority. Today I learned that one marine in particular likes close quarters combat but never had any training in it leaving him barely proficient and mostly self taught. I’m curious as to who it is so at the end of the week we’ll be having ourselves a tournament so I can see who’s got more aptitude for throwing punches and kicks.

Day 4 (Pilots): Sweet mother of mercy these guys annoy me. Teaching infants to be self sufficient pilots would go over more smoothly in the rich sectors of New Eden. At least I got hit a few times before massacring them in the simulations. I guess their final each week will be taking me on solo. Maybe they’ll do better in a fight when they know other pilots aren’t there to pull their ass out of the fire. Pilots…why’d Kyle have to get pilots? Spoiled bastards one and all, at least Jackson pulls his weight for all his drinking and crazy stunts. These guys are like inept versions of Cowboy until it comes time to fight with an EXO. Too bad they’ll never grasp anything else.

Day 5 (Marines): As a final I held a tournament where the marines fought. The winner automatically passes this weeks exams while the rest will have to rely on how well they did throughout the week, plus bonus points for second and third place. We had a surprise guest in this as they decided to make the training harder. You forgot to remind me that Kikuchi is an ass Kyle. At least he’s the useful variant. Keeping in mind that these guys were trained to shoot like pro’s they exceeded my expectations in close combat. The winner was a big bastard named Finley, the guy is built like our old instructor Omura. Nothing says “You goofed.” like his big boot to your face. I guess the old group will mind their manners around this one. Who am I kidding, they’ll probably try to start a fight with him for no reason.

Day 6 (Pilots): Well I’ll be damned. One of them got me. He got lucky but at least he got lucky efficiently and used the momentum. I guess he gets a pass. The rest did well enough but they just weren’t good enough on their own. They work well enough in a group but they lack any real tactical aptitude. When I put them up against a group of equal size in the sims they always split up instead of concentrating their fire. They also can’t learn a damn thing about mechanical work so I hope Theo’s got the engineers in good condition. I forsee these guys pushing their EXO’s and needing tons of work done. I’m still in shock that one of these morons actually did good on his own. I guess past the pampered overly paid personality is something worth molding into a soldier.

Conclusion: Kyle I get heartburn trying to type this damn report. It’s a mixed bag.

They have some interesting personalities hidden beneath the rigid robotic exterior. Unfortunately we can’t rely on that at all. It’s been suppressed for so long that most attempts to get them to express themselves end in absolute failure.

The marines are good at what they do and excellent in a ground fight. Some pleasant surprises in this group.

The pilots are good pilots but could be better. They also lack the ability to do many support tasks that might save their ass in a pinch.

Both groups picked up military codes, communication techniques, and tactics very well. We can rely on them understanding our handsigns and gestures. A few can even understand body language.

My suggestion would be to give us time to grind out the kinks and maybe get a bit more teamwork and intelligence out of these people before relying on them in battle. If we do use them Kyle it would be best to remember what they were hired to do, as they aren’t great outside of that role. No ordering marines into EXO’s and keep the pilots out of personal combat.

Public Announcement: Failure in Aldis’ courses mean you clean the toilets, with a thin napkin.

Post Week 1 Training: I really miss those days when I was studying at the academy. Ordering for takeout, watching Cowboy pass tests drunk, and even seeing Jimmy’s bruised face all over the place. Seriously did I ever see him without an injury back then? I remember all the cute girls too, hell I even got to room with one. Now here I am drilling a ragtag army for Kyle so we can stop some alien AI from destroying everything. Can’t blame me for wanting to go back to the old days, I got to hang out with Theo and Jimmy and eat pizza. Next up I’ll be assessing the Mars troops and after that whoever else joins us. Norbert, you got lucky in a weird way, better to die thinking NEO is losing than to die thinking we are all going to be conquered by aliens. Aliens Jimmy, damned aliens! Oh well I guess people need a capable soldier now more than ever before. I’ll try my best but don’t blame me if you see more old friends arrive. Oh yeah, kick Carta in the nuts for me will you?

Jackson's journal

Jackson Murphy’s diary:

Well, I’m a little sober so I figured I’d start this, a journal as big things are coming into motion. We just got into a massive battle against Neo to help Mars. At first we though NEO had gone nuts, they started using all their manned ships as kamikazes, seding them to ram into us. We quickly met their new special unmanned exo’s. I stayed at range but one of them took a liking to me and Private Tobias. Tobias flew away and I thought I was done for, although I did hurt him bad and killed one of his brainless friends. That was until my old friend Kyle flew in to help me, we eventually got him and swept up the rest. As we decided it was time to leave, one of their ship that Tobias managed to get into contact with, picked us up.

The welcoming comitee wasn’t very friendly but eventually their leader invited us into a private office to talk, now I was getting a little drunk at that point from the liquor I had brought into my exo but From what I understand we basically rule them now. But we’re not fighting NEO directly, actually, the scumbags dug up some Alien fucking artifacts and now it’s out to screw the whole system. Somehow we were in control of this, we had to escape to the outer rims, to Omerta and then Titan to gather allies for the incoming fight. Kyle is the leader now, apparently I’m somewhat of a second in command (well look at me dad!), Aldis is a recruiter? enforcer? I don’t know, Tobias and Conrad are chief mechanics of our future army! Things are changing and somehow, Jackson Murphy, now cowboy, managed to get my drunk ass right in the middle of the shit… Just my luck.

Flight from Mars
The beginning of a dynasty

So far our two pronged attack on the soft spot of the NEO blockade
around Mars was going fairly well, although we did lose Akira in his
flag ship and one of the other two Martian capitol ships. At least
Trist was still fighting in the Minnow. Most of the NEO Exo’s were
destroyed and their remaining capitol ship was in bad shape.
Unfortunately, most of the remaining Exo’s were surrounding Conrad,
Toby, Toby, Jackson, Jacob and myself. I was starting to move in to
help Toby and Jacob, but three of the enemy Exo’s swarmed me. I shot
two of them down, then noticed that Cowboy was about to be obliterated
by a massive swarm of missiles, so I kicked my suit into overdrive, and
hurtled to his location and shot down every missile about to hit him.
Unfortunately the use of my power booster’s overheated my Exo, and my
fire control system is acting up. Oh, better that then losing Jackson.

I told Cowboy to turn his big gun to help Conrad, who had come to my aid
just as I took off to help him. Just as I turned back to face the big
ass Exo in front of me, it was blasted into a thousand pieces! I swung
around and there was the Minnow, it had finally made it to this sector
of the battle. Just about then, we picked up numerous enemy ships
heading our way. The enemy ship that Toby freed from the AI control
closed in on us, and Carta Vie invited us on the ship so we can get the
hell out of dodge, I took him up on the offer. Who knows, maybe we
could find a way to take over the ship.

We docked in the Excalibur, and the cavernous bay was empty except for a
few of the Razorclaw Exo’s. As the atmosphere was restored, we locked
down our Exo’s and formed up, I slung on my sub machine gun just in
case. And I am glad I did, because the large doors at either end of the
hanger opened up, and 20 armed marines came marching in, followed by
Carta Vie, and 3 others, one was Kikuchi that I remembered from the CGA. Well,
this pissed me off.

“You bastard, you invited us in here as allies and now you are going to
ambush us! I started to swing up my gun, just as the marines snapped to
attention and shouldered their rifles in salute. A little sheepishly, I let go of
my gun.

Carta Vie told us that something had taken control of their ships, and
the Excalibur appears to be the last NEO vessel under independent
command. “Good, this ship will make a great flagship for my fleet!
Let’s go talk about the details for our next step.” Carta turned a
little green around the gills, but simply nodded. Carta and his
followers led us into the ship and to a conference room with one hell of
a table. It looks like it is some sort of holographic viewing device.
Carta began telling us the story about how NEO developed such advanced

ALIENS!! NEO is using fucking Alien technology that was buried deep
below the surface of Venus. They have been experimenting with this
technology for dozens of years, but about 20 years ago the Emperor
started acting strange. At first it was reassigning high ranking
officers to out of the way garrisons, then it began escalating to
executing officials for alleged plots against the government. As the
war began, the human Exo pilots were being used as guinea pigs for
testing out each new generation of automated Exo’s. Of course all of this
culminated with a signal that seems to have originated from the ancient
alien ruins on Venus that took control of every ship and Exo in the NEO
fleet. The only surviving ship is the Excalibur, thanks to Toby’s agile mind and quick fingers.

“Okay Carta, I need you to let every one on this ship know that I am in
charge, and they need to follow my orders.” Carta nodded, and hit a few
buttons on the table, and a camera popped up in front of me. “Attention
crew, something has happened to the rest of the fleet, and our
government has turned against us. From now on, you will follow any
orders from Kyle Dison as if they came from the Emperor himself.” As
soon as the camera turned off, Carta pulled out his side arm and blew
his brains out. At least now I don’t have to worry about him causing
trouble in the future.

“Well, since I am now in charge, you had better take me up to the bridge
so I can let the rest of the Mars fleet know what is going on.” We
reached the bridge, and they patched in Trist and Charlotte. As soon as
Trist heard my voice, she screamed out, “what is going on over there
Dison? We saw you go into the enemy ship and then nothing.”

“Everything is fine, we have taken over the ship, and her and the crew
have joined us. So you can start calling me Admiral Dison.” There was a
polite cough behind me, and Kiriko looked a little uncomfortable.
“Actually sir, you are the acting Emperor.” Well, that put the biggest
smile in the galaxy on my face! “Emperor Dison, that has a nice ring to
it.” I told Charlotte and Trist we planned to head to Luna and gather up their resources. Charlotte pointed out that going to Omerta first makes more sense, as Luna doesn’t have much left. I agreed, and we set a new course.

I turned to Gios, the commander of the command deck. “You had better patch me into the crew. Attention crew of the
Excalibur. As you already know, I am now in charge of this ship, and as
your new Emperor, I plan to organize any remaining NEO ships, and form
an Alliance of all free Humans, and stop this alien takeover. I expect
all of you to do your best, and understand that your war with the rest
of the Solar system is now over, and the remnants of the Martian fleet
are now our allies. Our next step is to go to Omerta, and gather as
many ships as possible, and head towards Titon. Once we have gathered a
sufficient fleet, we will return to the inner solar system and put an
end to this alien threat.”

Operation Successful? - Personal Log - 40 [Conrad]

Hopefully this will not be my last entry but I may have gotten in over my head. The plan to distract and overtake the NEO platform went over very well. Unfortunately we lost majority of the new additions to the force but that’s war. They were just kids but they had more bravery than most men. I just hope they had a quick death so they did not suffer to much during there last moments.

As we began to leave we did pickup a multiple signatures on the Merlin that suggested we had distracted a good amount of the NEO force that was in Martian orbit. The race was on and the guns were coming back online but with just good timing we escaped undamaged for the most part. We made a great effort to make it hard for the enemy to engage us and eventually met up with Toby.

After meeting with Toby and finding him completely dead in the water we had a general idea on what was going after Toby. Given there was a couple of ships and now we have what remained of the new Martian additions we decided to flee. Moving at highspeed for about 3 Titan days we eluded them as the task force headed back to its fleet.

Now after accomplishing our goal we were at an impasse as this was our one chance to choose our fate. I am rather hesitant to fight a war inside the inner solar system due to the massive risks. Given that transportation to and from Titan is rather unheard of unless you are military it looks like I won’t be returning home anytime soon. Speaking of going home the Martians essentially wanted to attempt to sneak/engage the enemies lines which was suicide. One thing I gotta say I dunno if it is just plain ignorance or stupidity with those kids.

Toby recently brought up the idea that we should contact the Martians on the surface and discuss what we spoke about. After mealtime today we will begin discussing our plans as a team but as we go on I fear I will be dragged into something I do not wish to be apart of.

Conrad out…

A grave realisation - Personal Log - 37 [Conrad]

There has been a series of events occurring in rapid succession recently. Ever since the departure from Luna there has been a lot of tough choices. After encountering a small gang of Exo’s we eventually met up with Akira. Of course meeting up with Akira was rather tense due to us essentially falling into one of his traps that was setup. Lets just say Toby needs to not be as reckless anymore because his failure put the entire operation at risk.

The trap that we fell into essentially was an ECM attack that sapped all the power from the Merlin. Luckily we did have some support systems in place but it was still very dangerous sitting in an asteroid belt like a sitting duck. After some time had passed the power was restored and we followed their flagship back to their base of operations. It was very odd to me that they even had exo’s just hanging off of the ship but that just increased my understanding of the situation.

The Martian defenses were essentially shattered and there was combat happening on the ground. How could one hope to weaken the enemy with such limitations in not only manpower but leadership as well. If the Martian fleet is partially destroyed then they will have little chances to defend their space around the planet itself. What came up frequently during the meetings was these floating platforms that they were using to launch attacks and raids on the Martian defenses.

During our visit we apparently gained an addition to our “task force”. Akira essentially told us that he doesn’t force anyone to stick around if they don’t want to and everyone can act on their own. These group of kids who have seen combat decided to join us based on our past accomplishments. Initially I was against the idea as wasting life was cruel and pointless but this is war. So with our new additions we began to plan the entire operation of assaulting this platform. The goal was to drag a big portion of the offensive forces to us. This way it allowed the Martian fleet to either rendezvous with what’s left of other half of the Martian fleet or head down to the surface.

Towards the end of the week the plan has been flushed out and everyone had a role and place. Toby was to command the ECM tower to disable the guns to allow a safe landing. During the guns downtime we would lead an assault on the platform itself with the goal of attracting as much attention as possible. Its only an hour left until the operation is on the way and with that I hope to live another day.


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