Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

There Goes Lee

We came back only partial victors from the wreckage of the Jemma. We were able to save three crew members from alien lifeforms and the deadly environment of Earth. Fireball was lodged inside of a torpedo tube, Charlotte was stuck in an elevator shaft near death. Poor Theo hid in an EXO. I’m surprised she didn’t fly it out to escape. The rest of the crew either died from impact, aliens, or our ineptitude at rescue.

After this we had nothing to do. The survivors were recovering in a hospital and we had time to spend. Jackson and Kyle went in on Kadens old bar and turned it into a happening place. I started a business as a detective. After the attack from NEO a lot of people were missing and someone needed to find them. Even so I managed to find time to help them hire good help to take care of their business while we were gone because Theo came to me asking if I would invest in her idea to modify the Merlin so we could use it as a temporary ship.

I’m sure she spends all of her spare time ogling the new EXO’s that were made on Luna. I personally couldn’t contain myself at the rage Dison originally had. They tore apart our prototype EXO’s to build these new ones and Kyle and Jackson were livid. I bet they don’t mind anymore. I took the Red Flash out for a spin and boy is it fast. I’ll have to beef up if I want to resist the high speeds it’s capable of. I managed to use it most of the time and not get sick, unfortunately there was a single time where I just couldn’t handle the speeds at the end of the fight. On the other hand that drive is particularly useful for closing the distance, especially since my EXO lacks any long range capability. Kyle was incredibly fast for a brief moment and nearly took out Lee in a single flurry of shots from his massive railgun. I decided to finish Lee so he wouldn’t escape and come back to bite us in the rear end later. It’s a sad fate for “Average” Lee, getting killed by “Little Jimmy”. By the way I’ve named my chaingun after Jimmy since it’s so reliable in a tight situation. The “Little” is from the fact it’s not quite the titan Jimmy was, as I doubt it’ll blow up any ships in seconds anytime soon. However it’s fitting that it took out Lee. Especially after his commentary when he entered the field. Jackson “Coward” Murphy hiding in the corner, Crazy ass Aldis Cuthbert and his axe in space, and Kyle “I’m a good asshole.” Dison. I recall his boast “I’ll be able to take you out now that I have a proper EXO.”. Poor bastard didn’t last very long at all. I hope Omura and Jimmy are kicking his ass in the afterlife. Along with the rest of our fallen classmates.

We have two new teammates that are pretty capable. Toby seems a little sad most of the time and he’s a lot like Jimmy was. On the other hand Conrad is a total badass. I never thought I’d see a shotgun in space, and the crazy technology he brings to the field is also pretty amazing.

However we decided to press our advantage and use the momentum to attack NEO’s forces at Mars. Theo and Toby were able to patch us through to the Martian forces. We got to talk to Triss and we learned that Akira is the new leader of the Mars forces. Turns out his father was the old president of Mars. Looks like we might lose some more class mates before this is over. Kyle had a great discussion with Triss about who the better gunner is, while Kyle added his usual flair to our actions. One line that I’ll have to remember “Of course I’m full of crap, but it doesn’t mean we won’t do what we say we will.”. Now we head towards Mars. I hope Carta Vie is there. If anyone deserves to die in this war it’s that guy. I just wish I could send Theo, Charlotte, and Fireball home and continue on with the EXO alone. I don’t like the idea of losing our remaining comrades, especially poor little Theo. She just wants to work on EXO’s. I haven’t even had time to speak with her or anyone else for that matter, I just hope they are okay after everything that happened so far.

I just hope NEO stops soon, how many people are even left to fight? It might take a strike against the core of their fleet or possibly critical facilities to make them stop. If anyone decides to go that route I’m all for it at this point.

Notice Posted on the side of Doom.


We had a great first test of our Exo’s yesterday, but we could have done better. We need to work better as a team, and I guess that is mostly my fault. I need to work on my tactics before the next battle, because we walked right into a trap. We would have been screwed if we didn’t have better technology and pilots on our side. We need to evaluate our combat rolls better and stick to what we do best. Again, great job everyone, let’s keep kicking ass!

Striker 1

P.S. The Merlin is not a battering ram!

Search and Rescue - Personal Log - 34 [Conrad]
Personal Log - 34 [Conrad]

Once the colony was safe I received word from the Luna council that my exo technology shall be given to the exo pilots responsible for defending the colony. Initially I was extremely concerned given the fact that the technology wasn’t combat ready and more testing needed to be done. It took me awhile but finally I relented the fact that given the situation we were out of time.

A man by the name Takata got in contact with me and said he is arranging a meeting. The meeting was in a few hours and I had no choice but to be there. As per the instructions I arrived at the meeting to find that the exo pilots who saved the colony were here. After exchanging greetings and noticing that one of my head technicians was here I knew they were really in dire need of help. Not only did they lose one of their teammates but they lost their flagship.

It was stated that I was going to be joining them along with my head technician which seemed very odd. From a combat standpoint I did have some military training but nowhere near the amount as those standing in this room. Guess they just needed some more brainpower behind them since they took heavy loses. Either way I was fine with the outcome because if it wasn’t for these exo pilots the colony wouldn’t of survived the onslaught that took place. Kyle was hit particularly hard due to him losing a loved one in the attack.

After the meeting we were given a few hours to ourselves to prepare ourselves for our new task. Not knowing if this colony will be here when we get back it felt like a good time to backup all the data I have obtained. During the process of backing up the data there was many resources I just did not have access to due many of the connections being disrupted.

Our first task was a rescue mission and our goal was to recover as many crew members as possible from the wreckage of the Jemma. Given the circumstance it was unlikely that anyone survived such a wreck. Going against the odds there was still a chance and we were willing to take that chance. I myself are indebted to these individuals as they were apart of the force that saved the colony.

It wasn’t long before we were aboard a transport vessel in-route to the last known coordinates of the Jemma’s decent into Earth’s atmosphere. The descent from orbit into the atmosphere was a rough one but time was not on our side. Thick radioactive cloud cover obscured vision to extremely dangerous levels. One thing is that I must give credit to the pilot of the transport as we managed to find the Jemma in one piece.

From what we could tell the hull of the ship was massively damaged and it exposed the inner workings to Earth’s harsh environment. Once our falconers touched the surface we raced off towards the nearest breach and began spreading out. We managed to covered a lot of ground with this method. It was when Kyle turned a corner that shots rang out and he informed us that some creatures were inside.

The fight was on and these twisted creatures were massive beings of twisted flesh and bone. I moved up into position and brought my gun up but they were rather nimble given their size. They were so nimble in fact that they landed a good blow onto Cowboy warranting his repositioning. So I took a step forward to cover and fired my gun at this thing dealing a light blow but it dealt damage to my suit as well.

Encountering these creatures was disturbing because it meant that there was even greater chance at recovering any crew from the Jemma. Entering the cockpit area of the ship there was some remains that the creatures were apparently feeding on. We heard a big thud from one of the torpedo tubes in the cockpit and decided to open it. This is where we recovered one of the crew and at that point the mission was a success in my mind. We decided not to slow down at that point.

Splitting the group up again to cover more ground we came across an elevator shaft. Here is when we established communications with another survivor. Kyle made quick work of the elevator and we entered the room only to see a women with a broken body. There was not time to slowdown and I decided to enter the engine room.

Right before entering the engine room I received a broken up transmission that something else was going on. The transmission was really distorted and I was unable to make out that much. Whatever was happening we needed to hurry as we being exposed to the Earth’s harsh environment. Upon opening the engine room doors is when I realized the sheer amount of danger we were all in.

The fuel cells in the engine room have ruptured spilling its contents all throughout the room. There was also fire spreading throughout the room as some of the fuel has already caught fire. Amongst the destruction there was a body and the person seemed to be breathing. Given the situation I had to wait to deploy the rescue pod because of our proximity to the potential disaster.

Without warning as I was going to run full speed away from the engine room the entire back half of the ship exploded. My retreat was cutoff as the floor just gave away due to me rushing out and I was forced to make a choice. The choice was my life over his and I did everything within my power prior to save that man. My team needed me and I couldn’t give up my life just yet.

I managed to escape the ship with a few near misses and met up with the team at the transport. It was then I realized that there was a swarm of those creatures about to descend upon us. As quickly as we arrived we left and didn’t look back.

This time we were lucky and I wonder how long it will last before our luck runs out.

The Fall of the Jemma

The victory over the NEO forces at Luna was a bitter one, as the crumbling ruins of what was once the centre of academic knowledge lie smouldering around you. It is not long before you find out what had happened prior to your arrival.

It had been a well hidden secrete that the CGA had been doing research into old Earth technology, but only recently had they come across tech that could fully utilise the power requirements of the advanced systems. A EXO CORE that was designed off world at Omerta by a team of researchers known as PROGTECH. Its only living member, Conrad von Maximilian, had managed to escape Omerta’s criminal syndicate to the CGA. Conrad’s comrades gave their lives so he could see the CORE’s to safety. He and the academy’s brightest used the new designs to create a base EXO suit who had capacity beyond that of any other models to date. Somehow NEO heard of this tech, and decided to strike out at the CGA

The NEO strike force attacked without warning with a High-speed pass, bombarding the colony and killing many of its citizens, Contact with the dean was lost and the the CGA was in disarray when Takata Isamu took charge. He and General Omura organised the defence force and by time the NEO strike force came for a second pass they had mustered the cadets along with the crews of the CGA’s fleets into a defensive position. The Dauntless used itself as a shield against the second wave of attacks, and then the CGA did a mix of skirmishes to push back the NEO forces.

Despite General Omura’s battle expertise and fighting skill they CGA was overwhelmed. and were losing exo suits faster then they could be repaired.

The evacuation order of Luna was given, and the remaining exo pilots, the CGA’s flagship the Dauntless and the Academy’s Training ship the Tasker were to provide cover for the fleeing civilian shuttles. With the first wave of shuttles away, the battle looked as if it was at a failing point and as Takata Isamu was about to issue the scramble order for all remaining shuttles to flee, the unthinkable happened. An unknown ship barring no signature came ripping out of the earth’s atmosphere launching 4 exo suits to lend aid to the CGA’s defence! Even Omura was shocked and surprised to see that it was the return of the academy’s top graduates, Kyle Dieson, Jackson Murphy, Jimmy Hathaway, and Aldis Cuthburt!

You flew recklessly striking out into the heart of the enemy forces. but damn were you effective as you cut down the enemy without pause. Despite overwhelming odds, Jimmy, or now known as Golden Jimmy, took out a carrier in a single volley. and nearly destroyed the second one before he was cut down. Through the advancement of time the exact details of the fight would eventually be lost in the embellished recreations of the battle, but the names, of the four Exo pilots and the Jemma would live on through the the Records of Luna for centuries to come.

Takata Isamu, along with the Luna council decided that no pilots would be more deserving of the prototype Exos then the Pilots who had come to the Academy’s aid. The Project’s lead designer, Conrad von Maximilian, and head technician, Horatio Temm, would also share in this honour as they were instrumental to the CGA’s efforts in defending its civilians. A great Feast and ceremony would be held. but for now, there are many wounded to be looked after. along with what weighs heavily on all your minds. What remains of the crew of the Jemma.

The Jemma was last seen crackling with fire as it plummeted into the Earth’s atmosphere. The acidic orange haze that now covers the earth’s skies enveloped the ship masking it from sight as you fought against the remaining NEO forces.

Any sensor sweeps from orbit are unable to penetrate the radioactive storms of earth and it has been well known that your Exos can only last a few hours down there with proper protective treatment. Despite the un-likelihood of survivors, The CGA lends its remaining resources to start preparing a Shuttle to the earth along with 6 Falconers for the alkaline treatment. Falconers, mobile Battle suits, designed around recon and extraction are well suited to the harsh conditions of Old earth. For now you have to patiently wait, and hope somehow the crew of the Jemma can survive down there long enough for these suits to be hardened and you can make your way to them.

They died as heroes

As soon as our Exo’s were locked down, Kaden called us to the bridge for a quick debriefing. I walked behind Jimmy waiting for him to stop by his room first, but no, he went to the bridge looking like a 5 dollar hooker when the fleet is in town! We got up to the bridge and Charlotte completely lost it. Man, this was great. After a little guffaw, Kaden listened to our debriefing and dismissed us to some R and R.

Cowboy, Aldis and I hit the bar and Jimmy went to wash off the shame. I was exhausted, so I slept for about 14 hours. I got up in time for the full debrief, and Kaden informed us we were heading back towards Omerta. Cowboy, Aldis and I were in the bar again when the alarms started going off. Kaden told us to get in our suits, so we went running to the hanger bay. Kaden let us know a ship was coming on fast, and he was going to dump us and wanted us to let the ship get by us and blast its engines to slow it down.

The Jemma slowed down and the four of us dropped out. Jimmy picked up the approaching ship, and all of us but Jimmy got out of the way of the rapidly approaching ship. The ship must have detected us, because it began to rapidly slow down. Norbert tried to contact the Jemma and damn near blew out my comm system. The ship started deploying drone Exo’s and we began to pepper it with shots. Cowboy and I began knocking out systems left and right, and Dusty Duck almost got run over. The ship slowed and deployed more Exo’s.

Now the damdest thing happened. The Dusty Duck himself, launched all of his heavy missiles, and obliterated the enemy ship. And I mean obliterated. There is nothing left but small bits of debris! The remaining Exo’s started drifting towards towards Norbert, and started heating up fast. Jimmy warned us they were about to explode and we all got out of the way.

Shortly after that, the Jemma showed up and we continued on our journey towards Omerta. We got woken up in the middle of the night, and Kaden informed us NEO had launched a suprise attack on Luna. Kaden asked us if we wanted to go to aid Luna, or attack the remaining forces around Mars. We unanimously decided to go to Luna.

As we performed our slingshot around the Earth, we noticed some odd mining going on on the surface. I tried to train the sensors, but we were already past before I could get readings. And then we were amid the chaos. There were two large fleets enaging each other, and we slipped into the middle of it. We deployed and Norbert and I conentrated fire on one of their carriers and Normbert, the Ship Buster blew up another carrier ship. This guy finally found his calling. Although I think he got a little cocky, because he flew off towards the next carrier and fired his remaining missiles.

Unfortunately, there were two enemy Exo’s nearby, and they shot down two of his missiles, and the carrier survived the salvo. But the Duck was seperated from us, and we couldn’t come to his aid, and one of the Razorwings fired two shots into his torso, and his suit blew up. I looked for his escape pod, but it didn’t launch. Por Jimmy, he died too young.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, rest of the fight, General Omera was cut down by another Razorwing, and we swarmed on him, and I blew his head off. We returned our attention to the carrier, just as it fired two shots into the Jemma, and she lost power and plunged into the Earth’s atmosphere. All of our friends, our extra Exo’s and my STUFFF!! You bastards, you are all dead!
Aldis and I took a bee line for the remaining carrier and started shredding armor off of it. This drew the attention of teh remaining two enemy Exo’s and I concentrated on taking them out while Aldis carved whole sections off this damn thing. After I finished off the last drone, I lined up a shot on the hole Aldis had made, and fired a shot right into it’s reactor, blasting the thing into pieces.

With that the remaining drones shut down, and the battle was over. The Dauntiless picked us up, and lavished us with praise for saving the day, but the three of us were realing over the loss of all of our comrades.

Lets grab'em and go

After I eluded the security guards, I decided it would be a good idea to find Ellen. Luckily she was smart enough to leave a note at the ship where she was starting. I let her know we were about to go for the Exo’s, and she said she’d take the shuttle.

I met up with the guys at our hotel, and back to the business ring for us. As we got there, 9 guards went down the elevator leaving 3 behind. We tried to hide, but Jackson’s too clumsy. A short fire fight later and we were heading down the elevator. Finally we get to fight, I was getting tired of all this sneaking around.

We hopped in the elevator and suites up. This almost feels like being in an Exo, should be fun. We all checked our equipment and prepared to take on the rest of the guards. But Aldis wants to talk to them first. Seriously. We just killed 3 guards, and he wants us to try to bluff our way through.

Cowboy did his best, but the guards weren’t buying his bullshit. I tried to step in and turn it around, but they were already on alert. I saw the officer reach for something under the counter, so I pulled my SMG from my duffle and fired at the officer. I must have caught the barrel on the strap of the bag, because my shot went wide.

The combat that ensued was real messy. Both sides were crouching begins the console taking pot shots art each other. Until Altos stepped up with his Katana. That ended the battle pretty quickly.

We dashed into the Exo hanger, and stopped dead in our feet. As far as we could see were automated robots. We dashed down the catwalk until we found what we were looking for. There were two types of prototypes, so we took two of each left the hanger as some battle bots showed up.

We took to space and started calling for the Jemma. We were getting away when they started launching the robots. Jimmy discovered he control one type, and set them to fight each other. The battle was short, but we almost lost the red knight, his suit lost all power. But the Jemma arrived in time and we got out of there with Ellen following us on the Merlin.

This never happened

Well today was weird, after we pass through the residential ring into the business ring using the captains card we got clothing after deciding what to do to get into the labs and get to the suits.

Cowboy Jackson stepped up to the plate in a really fancy suits lab tech and hijacker ID cards however he look like he went 3 rounds with a wildcat and not sex with a beautiful woman.

With the ID and a blonde wig, I pretended to be the woman and Aldis and I managed to get down into the labs locate a terminal and as I was forging the ID cards to get all of us in to the prototypes hanger some guards showed up.

I dont know what i was thinking OR where it came from but i turned into a fucking princess and the guys believed i was a girl… even Aldis Looked at me in shocked… I didn’t know my voice got that high.

the one of the guards thought i was a disgusting slut and walked away the 2 others drop their pants and with some fast talking a MASSIVE punch from Aldis and well a liberal application of an 11mm into a orifice it should not go we drop the two guards handcuffed them to the chair in sexual saggestive poses dosed them in Booze and finished the forgeries.

back up in to the business ring, we found that Striker ran interference for us with a patrol but got himself tossed back to the residential so we returned to the residential ring to get everyone together and get the prototypes. NO ONE IS TO EVER SPEAK OF THESE EVENTS EVER.

Merlin 147 to Tajui-Mari
An 479 hour journey

The pilots of Merlin 147 were younger then you, fresh out of NEO’s Spacial Flight Academy.
This being their second career run.

Kaden asked them a few questions prior to your arrival on the small ship, but both were compliant to his requests and gave you a passing glance as they were escorted out of the ship by Fireball and Charlotte.

Twenty minutes later Charlotte returned with their uniforms and id codes. Marley Hansloff and Peobe Winslow. Luckily their uniforms were only marked with their employee numbers, but their ID badges had not been altered.

“Kaden has worries about this mission so be on your guard while there, the Merlin’s communication array was taken out in the attack, so we will have to be radio silent during the journey. Just trust that we are nearby.” Charlotte says smiling, she had a way of making even the worst news seem not so bad. “Kaden trusts that you will be capable of gaining access to the facility once you arrive, but in case you come up short on ideas.” She says pausing for a moment to make sure she has everyone’s attention.

“You were attacked by unknown entities, possibly pirates. You abandoned your escort once you lost your main cannon, to secure your cargo and made full speed to Tajui Mari. In the Escape your communications array was damaged.” Charlotte says her voice very commanding in this regard.

Smiling her voice softens, “Ellen, you are to be the ship’s Pilot, as far as the rest of your roles you can decide that amongst your selves. the ships Captain uniform was worn by the male pilot.”

The Merlin is of simple design, there is a large cargo bay at the back shared with the engine room with living quarters and canteen near the front. it is stocked with MRE’s and no alcohol. there re only 3 holo vids in the lounge, as well as a single deck of cards. There is also only one shared wash-room for the entire ship with an internal lock.

Ellen takes the uniform from Charlotte and excuses her self to get changed leaving the dour of you to talk. Charlotte hangs a moment to answer any questions before leaving you to explore the ship.

The fist mission (session 5)
A good plan never survives first contact with the enemy

The last two days were long and a bit exasperated. The graduation ceremony was long and boring though a family tradition. my mom was there though didn’t weep like some of the other mothers I’m pretty sure my mom never weeps. She hands with Omura and I’m pretty sure she broke it cuz he didn’t shake hands with anyone else. Aldes were there as well I’ll just look very out of place in his uniform I don’t think it was never comfortable the school, Kyle looked bored And jackson was at the bar working on his gills.

Aldes when with me to a family dinner, grandpappy was rather civil which is good when your daughter in law can bench press more the most professional lifters. we got on board a shuttle which had been packed with pretty much everything from the Kaden’s bar right down to the pinball machine stuck in the walk way and headed off to Omarta station to meet up with our transport in our new Exos. Each EXO was a prototype and need a lot of work, I still need to install a good fire control on the Raven which I’ve dubbed rubber ducky.

After selecting are EXO’s we went to the black market we picked up munitions and supplies for our next assignment to intercepting a neo transport, that’s when things started to get hairy. we made our purchases from less than reputable dealers but the merchandise was good problem was how to get our new guns to ship.

A guy named Smith spelled with an e at the end, offer instead of paying him to transport the stuff to the ship that we would owe him a favor. kyle talk down to a small favor, he spit on their hands and shook out was probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I didn’t shake hand.

We followed the Marlin out of space and attack it was quick and it was brutal. We’re expecting two fighters to support The Merlin a transport ship which had a large laser cannon and that’s it. Our opening volley from the Gemma took out their communication systems. But she had surprised several unarmed drones deployed from the underbelly of the craft and attacked.

I got hit bad and my large missiles were damaged (thankfully the didn’t go off) Kyle performed amazingly,taking out several drone EXO units and then engaging the Merlin to keep her from runaway, taking out her weapon systems although he got most of his armor melted off. while Aldes fought like a prize boxer, mean and nasty , he just tore the the suits apart. Jackson earned the nickname cowboy every shot he took was accurate to the point he even crippled a fighter with two shots. As for me I finally perform like an exo pilot I use a spam of Lite missiles to destroy the other fighter and then with 3 shots I was able to destroy one of the drones.

The aftermath of the battle was more tense than actual battle. One of the enemy fighters was crippled and I wanted to take the pilot prisoner, no one else really shared that thought and Kyle took a shot destroying the unit from, well anywhere Kyle pleases because I think he can shoot from Mars to New Earth and hit his target no problem.

I talked to Kadan after the fight about this he understood my concerns but I don’t know he might have a better grasp of the title situation than I do we had a heated discussion I got a little more than I should have. right now the mission is more important, I have to slip into the role of a computer technician sent to work on the new prototype EXO’s if we can capture those suits it will be a blow to Neo. It’s time to board the Merlin flyer.

Dusty duck signing out
CGA Weekly, Final Issue
By the Rouge Exo

Hey there it’s Rouge exo again.

Well it’s been some time since my last issue. With over 70% of the CGA’s students now in the employ of NEO and the MCR the Academy has decided to change its final assessment test. Professor Takata has instructed us so we’re two faced off in 5 man squads against general Omura and 30 of the lesser recruits. Each of the squads are to deploy separately and then await confirmation to engage the larger force in guerilla tactics to disrupt their military activity.

While I enjoy a good challenge I find the task of a five-man crew against 30 commanded by one of the greatest anti-pirate generals to be overestimation of our talent. The General is not known for holding any punches, a fact well known after this week’s sortie. Partway through our final assessment, I received word that another patrol had found a distress beacon from a civilian freighter. We were instructed to cease all operations and take up scouting protocols to get a better assessment of the situation.

My team was the closest to the situation but we had Dusty Duck and his band of misfits not far on our heels, The CGA Tasker nearly an hour behind them. I made the call for our squad to go ahead and lend aid to the civilian freighter. We requested back up, but found that the restrictive systems put into place on our own Exos too great a hindrance to overcome. The pirate forces concentrated fire on the civilian engines, and I instructed our shuttle pilot to attempt to provide cover. I am afraid to admit, my decision making while buying the freighter time, cost us some dear friends. While my squad fought valiantly, the overwhelming odds, had already weakened most of my pilots to the incoming attacks, I ordered the remainder to fall back in hopes of our reinforcements arriving at any moment.

To my surprise the Ducks, had only launched three of their exo’s and had only took the time claiming they only had time to remove the restrictions to those. I know these guys are the aces of the class, but i was hoping for more of a fair fight against the 7 hostile exo suits and 3 fighters.
The fighters made another pass, but this time they focused their strikes on the other exo’s launching a barrage of missiles. I guess these guys showed me why they are top of the class, even while missing their captain Striker1, the three of them managed to mop up pirate forces after every attack. The battle was still hard fought, and when Shiro’s exo took a fatal blow i feared for the worse, at the speed we were moving, locating her escape pod would be near impossible, and in the meantime we had the damned pirates to deal with!

Only after we managed to mop up the remaining forces did the last Exo pilot reveal himself to us. An Ex CGA student of all things! Jake Kabrinski! The fact he struck down Shiro pissed me off, and i could feel a burning rage in my eyes. Aldis, Jimmy and Jackson all put in a great effort to kill the bastard as he boarded his vessel and turned to flee.I felt helpless to help as they were too far out of my own range to aid.

While the rest of us went to collect the injured and see to the civilians, Aldis put his exo on full burn ripping off into the darkness. I had thought he had went mad, as there was no way our exo suits could catch the pirate frigate. we were all surprised when he reported back that he had not only found shiro, but that she was also alive. we sent the shuttle to intercept along with those with medical skill. Shiro was in a bad way, as her left arm had been completely severed from the shrapnel of her Exo armor as it exploded. Now this is where things take an odd turn. I am not certain where Jackson picked up his back water medical knowledge, but he decided that in order to save Shiro’s life he would require a bottle of whiskey and a match. after a long swig, he poured the liquid over the wound and lit the match and amazingly the flash fire cauterised the wound! Then he slipped and fell on her, and her heart, likely from the shock impact, or perhaps from the distinct smell of Jackson kicked into a steady beat.

I am always dumbfounded by the sheer… talent? of these guys. When we returned to the Tasker and collected the remaining exo pilots and General Omura. We were each given instead of praise a stern word by the general, as he found we disobeyed a direct order to keep out of the fight and leave it to the Tasker. Fools, the Tasker would have arrived far too late for any citizens on board. I held my tongue, but it seems Aldis and Dusty Duck were not so graceful. as the next thing I heard Aldis was in the brig and dusty back in the infirmary.

I am glad the dean was more forgiving. He asked that i publish the top 10 students in the Academy, Did I make the cutt? Well i won’t give away any hints.


Squad Leadership: 24
Military Studies: 73
Combat: 127
Advanced Studies: 15
Overall: 239

SONIC – Karren

Squad Leadership: 21
Military Studies: 70
Combat: 118
Advanced Studies: 36
Overall: 232

COWBOY – Jackson

Squad Leadership: 28
Military Studies: 59
Combat: 121
Advanced Studies: 21
Overall: 229


Squad Leadership: 17
Military Studies: 71
Combat: 123
Advanced Studies: 13
Overall: 224


Squad Leadership: 22
Military Studies: 71
Combat: 115
Advanced Studies: 15
Overall: 223

DUSTY DUCK – Norbert

Squad Leadership: 23
Military Studies: 59
Combat: 116
Advanced Studies: 23
Overall: 221

HELIX – Akira

Squad Leadership: 25
Military Studies: 60
Combat: 102
Advanced Studies: 25
Overall: 212


Squad Leadership: 23
Military Studies: 63
Combat: 109
Advanced Studies: 16
Overall: 211


Squad Leadership: 27
Military Studies: 61
Combat: 91
Advanced Studies: 19
Overall: 198

RAZOR – Jake

Squad Leadership: 16
Military Studies: 69
Combat: 107
Advanced Studies: 20
Douchebaggery: -100
Overall: 112

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