Norbert James Hathaway the 5th

A mouthy skinny technician


A skinny kid with dark hair Freeky purple eyes and pale skin, His uniform is always a little baggy and has rough worker hands.


James Norbert Heathery the 5th

My Technically speaking I’m from a rich military family, Who can trace are ancestry back to be for the exodus at least that’s are story and we are sticking too it.

My Father was strange first off he married a Mars girl, why probably to piss off my grandfather and to not have to marry a first cousin or something like that, he would say “ Son, there not enough Blue blood left for a family palm tree” I still have no idea what a Palm tree is. My life was that of study, mostly because I like EXO’s. Well I like all technology. My father encourage that.

My place in the school was all but assured my father was a semi high ranking officer in the CGA he could have been high in rank if he wasn’t so..weird. My granddad never understood him, I don’t either but he is my dad and he taught me the 5 lessons a man must know to live by. Lesson one, never underestimate a simple kind act. Lesson two never let an insult stand. Lesson three, always carry protection a man needs his gun and some condoms. Lesson four, never impregnate a woman unless you intend to marry her. And lesson Five, Never ever leave a man behind, your comrades are your life out there.

He had a strange way of teach me the lessons, Like for the kindness one he had saved up a large chunk of money and got four really old but serviceable star freighters and gave them to a failing drifter colony saving them. I don’t know why he did it only that it was the right thing to do.

The school is a good place, and I have marked the Exo I want, Timmy and me we are going places. How ever if you ever correct the instructors on a technical issue they will make you run laps until you vomit… I’ve tasted ever breakfast twice so far.

Norbert James Hathaway the 5th

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