Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

What happened?

Post Battle: That pincer attack could have gone better. Much better. We lost Akira in the escape from Mars as the Wasp was cut in half. Triss is still alive though. I might consider asking for her help in the near future. Sitting here now I realize how average pilots will do us no good. These men need to be at least as good as myself if they want a chance to survive. I might not be able to get my revenge on Carta Vie but at least I can mold the Solar Navy into something worthy of battle. Kyle is the new emperor which I guess leaves me as the admiral. I’ve only got a basic grasp on flying ships and giving orders, but I guess I can put them to good use now. I hope Kyle doesn’t rush or get impatient after getting more people to join his faction. They’ll need some training so they can understand basic tactics and communication methods. Teamwork won’t pop out of the soldiers asses in the middle of a fight. I guess that’s my job now. Our travels will be incredibly long and in that time I hope to instruct the marines and pilots. Either way this weeks training looks like it’ll be fun.

Day 1 (Marines): First day and I’m already whipping these slobs into better shape. If I can’t improve what they know then we’ll work on what they don’t know in case of an emergency. The marines are good. They focus solely on kicking ass. I think they idolize or suck up simply because I’m a friend of the new emperor. I don’t care for that too much, so the first one of these idiots that acts more like Kikuchi is joining my personal squad. Zealots aren’t too reliable in a pinch. They see dying for a cause as more beneficial than living to fight another day. I at least wish I had an aide damnit, too bad I don’t trust many of these people and Theo and Charlotte are going to be busy elsewhere. If only more allies hadn’t died damnit. Today a marine named Greg decided he was going to be a badass and fight blindfolded. Greg of course got his ass kicked so hard his tenth great grandma felt it and winced in her grave. I’m not sure who this guy is but he takes self improvement too seriously. No one could possibly become good enough to fight 10 assailants blindfolded and win.

Day 2 (Pilots): I don’t think my speech went over too well. These pilots aren’t the best and they don’t look forward to learning skills that could save their ass someday. A pilot could use a little mechanical skill considering there’s more to piloting an EXO than shooting the guns. I still remember the look on their faces when I told them “And how useful will you be when the mechanics are dead and injured and only you can work on your own EXO?” I’m surprised it had to go that far considering my first line was about being able to mod your own EXO. Who the hell wouldn’t want that? Either way these pilots are going to need a lot of work if they want a fighting chance. I’ve been lucky so far but no one can rely on luck forever. Hank is the special case of the day here. The sod decided to show everyone up and add a shitload of guns to his EXO profile in the simulator. First of all you shouldn’t practice with theoretical EXO’s you’ll never see. Second, who the hell tries to use one of each weapon?! Is this jackass trying to piss me off? Mission success. Not only did he do terribly he couldn’t understand why his EXO immediately fell over and couldn’t move with all the extra weight. If you read this Kyle make him pick cigarette ashes up off of your rug with his mouth. Honestly I’d best stick to piloting alone, I don’t think these guys understand the basics of mechanical work.

Day 3 (Marines): These guys are REALLY good at what they do but that’s not a lot. I’m starting to think the segregation by duty wasn’t too great an idea as well. Oh well they can gripe from the floor after I’m done throwing them around. Maybe they’ll get it in their head that needing others to do half of your job for you doesn’t make you too reliable or much of a specialist. These guys are so obssessed with military tradition and etiquette it’s disturbing. But at least they kick ass and managed to learn some of the communication and tactics we use. Sharing that knowledge is top priority. Today I learned that one marine in particular likes close quarters combat but never had any training in it leaving him barely proficient and mostly self taught. I’m curious as to who it is so at the end of the week we’ll be having ourselves a tournament so I can see who’s got more aptitude for throwing punches and kicks.

Day 4 (Pilots): Sweet mother of mercy these guys annoy me. Teaching infants to be self sufficient pilots would go over more smoothly in the rich sectors of New Eden. At least I got hit a few times before massacring them in the simulations. I guess their final each week will be taking me on solo. Maybe they’ll do better in a fight when they know other pilots aren’t there to pull their ass out of the fire. Pilots…why’d Kyle have to get pilots? Spoiled bastards one and all, at least Jackson pulls his weight for all his drinking and crazy stunts. These guys are like inept versions of Cowboy until it comes time to fight with an EXO. Too bad they’ll never grasp anything else.

Day 5 (Marines): As a final I held a tournament where the marines fought. The winner automatically passes this weeks exams while the rest will have to rely on how well they did throughout the week, plus bonus points for second and third place. We had a surprise guest in this as they decided to make the training harder. You forgot to remind me that Kikuchi is an ass Kyle. At least he’s the useful variant. Keeping in mind that these guys were trained to shoot like pro’s they exceeded my expectations in close combat. The winner was a big bastard named Finley, the guy is built like our old instructor Omura. Nothing says “You goofed.” like his big boot to your face. I guess the old group will mind their manners around this one. Who am I kidding, they’ll probably try to start a fight with him for no reason.

Day 6 (Pilots): Well I’ll be damned. One of them got me. He got lucky but at least he got lucky efficiently and used the momentum. I guess he gets a pass. The rest did well enough but they just weren’t good enough on their own. They work well enough in a group but they lack any real tactical aptitude. When I put them up against a group of equal size in the sims they always split up instead of concentrating their fire. They also can’t learn a damn thing about mechanical work so I hope Theo’s got the engineers in good condition. I forsee these guys pushing their EXO’s and needing tons of work done. I’m still in shock that one of these morons actually did good on his own. I guess past the pampered overly paid personality is something worth molding into a soldier.

Conclusion: Kyle I get heartburn trying to type this damn report. It’s a mixed bag.

They have some interesting personalities hidden beneath the rigid robotic exterior. Unfortunately we can’t rely on that at all. It’s been suppressed for so long that most attempts to get them to express themselves end in absolute failure.

The marines are good at what they do and excellent in a ground fight. Some pleasant surprises in this group.

The pilots are good pilots but could be better. They also lack the ability to do many support tasks that might save their ass in a pinch.

Both groups picked up military codes, communication techniques, and tactics very well. We can rely on them understanding our handsigns and gestures. A few can even understand body language.

My suggestion would be to give us time to grind out the kinks and maybe get a bit more teamwork and intelligence out of these people before relying on them in battle. If we do use them Kyle it would be best to remember what they were hired to do, as they aren’t great outside of that role. No ordering marines into EXO’s and keep the pilots out of personal combat.

Public Announcement: Failure in Aldis’ courses mean you clean the toilets, with a thin napkin.

Post Week 1 Training: I really miss those days when I was studying at the academy. Ordering for takeout, watching Cowboy pass tests drunk, and even seeing Jimmy’s bruised face all over the place. Seriously did I ever see him without an injury back then? I remember all the cute girls too, hell I even got to room with one. Now here I am drilling a ragtag army for Kyle so we can stop some alien AI from destroying everything. Can’t blame me for wanting to go back to the old days, I got to hang out with Theo and Jimmy and eat pizza. Next up I’ll be assessing the Mars troops and after that whoever else joins us. Norbert, you got lucky in a weird way, better to die thinking NEO is losing than to die thinking we are all going to be conquered by aliens. Aliens Jimmy, damned aliens! Oh well I guess people need a capable soldier now more than ever before. I’ll try my best but don’t blame me if you see more old friends arrive. Oh yeah, kick Carta in the nuts for me will you?


Taloswind DragonEye

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