Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

There Goes Lee

We came back only partial victors from the wreckage of the Jemma. We were able to save three crew members from alien lifeforms and the deadly environment of Earth. Fireball was lodged inside of a torpedo tube, Charlotte was stuck in an elevator shaft near death. Poor Theo hid in an EXO. I’m surprised she didn’t fly it out to escape. The rest of the crew either died from impact, aliens, or our ineptitude at rescue.

After this we had nothing to do. The survivors were recovering in a hospital and we had time to spend. Jackson and Kyle went in on Kadens old bar and turned it into a happening place. I started a business as a detective. After the attack from NEO a lot of people were missing and someone needed to find them. Even so I managed to find time to help them hire good help to take care of their business while we were gone because Theo came to me asking if I would invest in her idea to modify the Merlin so we could use it as a temporary ship.

I’m sure she spends all of her spare time ogling the new EXO’s that were made on Luna. I personally couldn’t contain myself at the rage Dison originally had. They tore apart our prototype EXO’s to build these new ones and Kyle and Jackson were livid. I bet they don’t mind anymore. I took the Red Flash out for a spin and boy is it fast. I’ll have to beef up if I want to resist the high speeds it’s capable of. I managed to use it most of the time and not get sick, unfortunately there was a single time where I just couldn’t handle the speeds at the end of the fight. On the other hand that drive is particularly useful for closing the distance, especially since my EXO lacks any long range capability. Kyle was incredibly fast for a brief moment and nearly took out Lee in a single flurry of shots from his massive railgun. I decided to finish Lee so he wouldn’t escape and come back to bite us in the rear end later. It’s a sad fate for “Average” Lee, getting killed by “Little Jimmy”. By the way I’ve named my chaingun after Jimmy since it’s so reliable in a tight situation. The “Little” is from the fact it’s not quite the titan Jimmy was, as I doubt it’ll blow up any ships in seconds anytime soon. However it’s fitting that it took out Lee. Especially after his commentary when he entered the field. Jackson “Coward” Murphy hiding in the corner, Crazy ass Aldis Cuthbert and his axe in space, and Kyle “I’m a good asshole.” Dison. I recall his boast “I’ll be able to take you out now that I have a proper EXO.”. Poor bastard didn’t last very long at all. I hope Omura and Jimmy are kicking his ass in the afterlife. Along with the rest of our fallen classmates.

We have two new teammates that are pretty capable. Toby seems a little sad most of the time and he’s a lot like Jimmy was. On the other hand Conrad is a total badass. I never thought I’d see a shotgun in space, and the crazy technology he brings to the field is also pretty amazing.

However we decided to press our advantage and use the momentum to attack NEO’s forces at Mars. Theo and Toby were able to patch us through to the Martian forces. We got to talk to Triss and we learned that Akira is the new leader of the Mars forces. Turns out his father was the old president of Mars. Looks like we might lose some more class mates before this is over. Kyle had a great discussion with Triss about who the better gunner is, while Kyle added his usual flair to our actions. One line that I’ll have to remember “Of course I’m full of crap, but it doesn’t mean we won’t do what we say we will.”. Now we head towards Mars. I hope Carta Vie is there. If anyone deserves to die in this war it’s that guy. I just wish I could send Theo, Charlotte, and Fireball home and continue on with the EXO alone. I don’t like the idea of losing our remaining comrades, especially poor little Theo. She just wants to work on EXO’s. I haven’t even had time to speak with her or anyone else for that matter, I just hope they are okay after everything that happened so far.

I just hope NEO stops soon, how many people are even left to fight? It might take a strike against the core of their fleet or possibly critical facilities to make them stop. If anyone decides to go that route I’m all for it at this point.


Taloswind DragonEye

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