Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

The Jackson Murphy Memoirs ch. 1

My name is Jackson Murphy, who I was before it all started is irrelevant, All you gotta know is I was born on Titan and I loved it there. My family has to escape though and I spent the last years of my teenage life in a derelict space station orbiting the sun. I quickly had enough and enrolled in the CGA. Now that’s where it all began.

When I arrived at the CGA I was assigned a room, I was with a guy named Matthew, nerdy type, never talked much. As soon as I got there I was pretty social, I made a couple friends, some guy named Jake Kabrinski, Aldis Cuthbert and Kyle Dison. A kid named Norbert also stuck around with us a lot but he was weird and kept going to the infirmary. I remember pranking him once by basically shutting his dorm room and he was mad at me for weeks.

During our time there, we excelled, minus Norbert for the most part. We became a squad until Kabrinski suddenly vanished. About the same time as the NEO-Mars war started. Now you may wonder what war I’m talking about, stuff like this will come up but you will understand in due time, just believe that this entire story is true.

When the bomb went off on Omerta, it set off a chain of events, Neo was blamed and attacked Mars. Recruiters from both sides came to the CGA to fetch recruits, lots of our schoolmates left before finishing, enticed in a bloody conflict with promises of wealth and quick promotions. At that point we were already acting as a team and decided to stay put for now. I spent most of my time at the CGA bar and wasn’t ready to leave.

The more time went the more people left and at the end, very few of us actually graduated but we did. At that point we had talked with all the recruiters and still weren’t sure. My friend Kaiden, the bartender that had allowed me to live in his bar, told me he had another way we could go. He wasn’t very descriptive but basically we would get to help people and play a part in the war. We decided to help him and embarked on the Jemma, his ship.

This started us on a path that wouldn’t end for a long time and would be filled with action and weird events.

Oh yeah, we had earned names for ourselves at that point, I was cowboy, Aldis was red knight, Norbert was dusty duck and Kyle Dison, our leader, was Striker One.


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