Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

The fist mission (session 5)

A good plan never survives first contact with the enemy

The last two days were long and a bit exasperated. The graduation ceremony was long and boring though a family tradition. my mom was there though didn’t weep like some of the other mothers I’m pretty sure my mom never weeps. She hands with Omura and I’m pretty sure she broke it cuz he didn’t shake hands with anyone else. Aldes were there as well I’ll just look very out of place in his uniform I don’t think it was never comfortable the school, Kyle looked bored And jackson was at the bar working on his gills.

Aldes when with me to a family dinner, grandpappy was rather civil which is good when your daughter in law can bench press more the most professional lifters. we got on board a shuttle which had been packed with pretty much everything from the Kaden’s bar right down to the pinball machine stuck in the walk way and headed off to Omarta station to meet up with our transport in our new Exos. Each EXO was a prototype and need a lot of work, I still need to install a good fire control on the Raven which I’ve dubbed rubber ducky.

After selecting are EXO’s we went to the black market we picked up munitions and supplies for our next assignment to intercepting a neo transport, that’s when things started to get hairy. we made our purchases from less than reputable dealers but the merchandise was good problem was how to get our new guns to ship.

A guy named Smith spelled with an e at the end, offer instead of paying him to transport the stuff to the ship that we would owe him a favor. kyle talk down to a small favor, he spit on their hands and shook out was probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I didn’t shake hand.

We followed the Marlin out of space and attack it was quick and it was brutal. We’re expecting two fighters to support The Merlin a transport ship which had a large laser cannon and that’s it. Our opening volley from the Gemma took out their communication systems. But she had surprised several unarmed drones deployed from the underbelly of the craft and attacked.

I got hit bad and my large missiles were damaged (thankfully the didn’t go off) Kyle performed amazingly,taking out several drone EXO units and then engaging the Merlin to keep her from runaway, taking out her weapon systems although he got most of his armor melted off. while Aldes fought like a prize boxer, mean and nasty , he just tore the the suits apart. Jackson earned the nickname cowboy every shot he took was accurate to the point he even crippled a fighter with two shots. As for me I finally perform like an exo pilot I use a spam of Lite missiles to destroy the other fighter and then with 3 shots I was able to destroy one of the drones.

The aftermath of the battle was more tense than actual battle. One of the enemy fighters was crippled and I wanted to take the pilot prisoner, no one else really shared that thought and Kyle took a shot destroying the unit from, well anywhere Kyle pleases because I think he can shoot from Mars to New Earth and hit his target no problem.

I talked to Kadan after the fight about this he understood my concerns but I don’t know he might have a better grasp of the title situation than I do we had a heated discussion I got a little more than I should have. right now the mission is more important, I have to slip into the role of a computer technician sent to work on the new prototype EXO’s if we can capture those suits it will be a blow to Neo. It’s time to board the Merlin flyer.

Dusty duck signing out


Taloswind Davidprime

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