Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Operation Successful? - Personal Log - 40 [Conrad]

Hopefully this will not be my last entry but I may have gotten in over my head. The plan to distract and overtake the NEO platform went over very well. Unfortunately we lost majority of the new additions to the force but that’s war. They were just kids but they had more bravery than most men. I just hope they had a quick death so they did not suffer to much during there last moments.

As we began to leave we did pickup a multiple signatures on the Merlin that suggested we had distracted a good amount of the NEO force that was in Martian orbit. The race was on and the guns were coming back online but with just good timing we escaped undamaged for the most part. We made a great effort to make it hard for the enemy to engage us and eventually met up with Toby.

After meeting with Toby and finding him completely dead in the water we had a general idea on what was going after Toby. Given there was a couple of ships and now we have what remained of the new Martian additions we decided to flee. Moving at highspeed for about 3 Titan days we eluded them as the task force headed back to its fleet.

Now after accomplishing our goal we were at an impasse as this was our one chance to choose our fate. I am rather hesitant to fight a war inside the inner solar system due to the massive risks. Given that transportation to and from Titan is rather unheard of unless you are military it looks like I won’t be returning home anytime soon. Speaking of going home the Martians essentially wanted to attempt to sneak/engage the enemies lines which was suicide. One thing I gotta say I dunno if it is just plain ignorance or stupidity with those kids.

Toby recently brought up the idea that we should contact the Martians on the surface and discuss what we spoke about. After mealtime today we will begin discussing our plans as a team but as we go on I fear I will be dragged into something I do not wish to be apart of.

Conrad out…


Taloswind d00mbring3r

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