Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Merlin 147 to Tajui-Mari

An 479 hour journey

The pilots of Merlin 147 were younger then you, fresh out of NEO’s Spacial Flight Academy.
This being their second career run.

Kaden asked them a few questions prior to your arrival on the small ship, but both were compliant to his requests and gave you a passing glance as they were escorted out of the ship by Fireball and Charlotte.

Twenty minutes later Charlotte returned with their uniforms and id codes. Marley Hansloff and Peobe Winslow. Luckily their uniforms were only marked with their employee numbers, but their ID badges had not been altered.

“Kaden has worries about this mission so be on your guard while there, the Merlin’s communication array was taken out in the attack, so we will have to be radio silent during the journey. Just trust that we are nearby.” Charlotte says smiling, she had a way of making even the worst news seem not so bad. “Kaden trusts that you will be capable of gaining access to the facility once you arrive, but in case you come up short on ideas.” She says pausing for a moment to make sure she has everyone’s attention.

“You were attacked by unknown entities, possibly pirates. You abandoned your escort once you lost your main cannon, to secure your cargo and made full speed to Tajui Mari. In the Escape your communications array was damaged.” Charlotte says her voice very commanding in this regard.

Smiling her voice softens, “Ellen, you are to be the ship’s Pilot, as far as the rest of your roles you can decide that amongst your selves. the ships Captain uniform was worn by the male pilot.”

The Merlin is of simple design, there is a large cargo bay at the back shared with the engine room with living quarters and canteen near the front. it is stocked with MRE’s and no alcohol. there re only 3 holo vids in the lounge, as well as a single deck of cards. There is also only one shared wash-room for the entire ship with an internal lock.

Ellen takes the uniform from Charlotte and excuses her self to get changed leaving the dour of you to talk. Charlotte hangs a moment to answer any questions before leaving you to explore the ship.


Taloswind Taloswind

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