Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

Lets grab'em and go

After I eluded the security guards, I decided it would be a good idea to find Ellen. Luckily she was smart enough to leave a note at the ship where she was starting. I let her know we were about to go for the Exo’s, and she said she’d take the shuttle.

I met up with the guys at our hotel, and back to the business ring for us. As we got there, 9 guards went down the elevator leaving 3 behind. We tried to hide, but Jackson’s too clumsy. A short fire fight later and we were heading down the elevator. Finally we get to fight, I was getting tired of all this sneaking around.

We hopped in the elevator and suites up. This almost feels like being in an Exo, should be fun. We all checked our equipment and prepared to take on the rest of the guards. But Aldis wants to talk to them first. Seriously. We just killed 3 guards, and he wants us to try to bluff our way through.

Cowboy did his best, but the guards weren’t buying his bullshit. I tried to step in and turn it around, but they were already on alert. I saw the officer reach for something under the counter, so I pulled my SMG from my duffle and fired at the officer. I must have caught the barrel on the strap of the bag, because my shot went wide.

The combat that ensued was real messy. Both sides were crouching begins the console taking pot shots art each other. Until Altos stepped up with his Katana. That ended the battle pretty quickly.

We dashed into the Exo hanger, and stopped dead in our feet. As far as we could see were automated robots. We dashed down the catwalk until we found what we were looking for. There were two types of prototypes, so we took two of each left the hanger as some battle bots showed up.

We took to space and started calling for the Jemma. We were getting away when they started launching the robots. Jimmy discovered he control one type, and set them to fight each other. The battle was short, but we almost lost the red knight, his suit lost all power. But the Jemma arrived in time and we got out of there with Ellen following us on the Merlin.


Taloswind khoffman21076

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