Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

CGA Weekly, Final Issue

By the Rouge Exo

Hey there it’s Rouge exo again.

Well it’s been some time since my last issue. With over 70% of the CGA’s students now in the employ of NEO and the MCR the Academy has decided to change its final assessment test. Professor Takata has instructed us so we’re two faced off in 5 man squads against general Omura and 30 of the lesser recruits. Each of the squads are to deploy separately and then await confirmation to engage the larger force in guerilla tactics to disrupt their military activity.

While I enjoy a good challenge I find the task of a five-man crew against 30 commanded by one of the greatest anti-pirate generals to be overestimation of our talent. The General is not known for holding any punches, a fact well known after this week’s sortie. Partway through our final assessment, I received word that another patrol had found a distress beacon from a civilian freighter. We were instructed to cease all operations and take up scouting protocols to get a better assessment of the situation.

My team was the closest to the situation but we had Dusty Duck and his band of misfits not far on our heels, The CGA Tasker nearly an hour behind them. I made the call for our squad to go ahead and lend aid to the civilian freighter. We requested back up, but found that the restrictive systems put into place on our own Exos too great a hindrance to overcome. The pirate forces concentrated fire on the civilian engines, and I instructed our shuttle pilot to attempt to provide cover. I am afraid to admit, my decision making while buying the freighter time, cost us some dear friends. While my squad fought valiantly, the overwhelming odds, had already weakened most of my pilots to the incoming attacks, I ordered the remainder to fall back in hopes of our reinforcements arriving at any moment.

To my surprise the Ducks, had only launched three of their exo’s and had only took the time claiming they only had time to remove the restrictions to those. I know these guys are the aces of the class, but i was hoping for more of a fair fight against the 7 hostile exo suits and 3 fighters.
The fighters made another pass, but this time they focused their strikes on the other exo’s launching a barrage of missiles. I guess these guys showed me why they are top of the class, even while missing their captain Striker1, the three of them managed to mop up pirate forces after every attack. The battle was still hard fought, and when Shiro’s exo took a fatal blow i feared for the worse, at the speed we were moving, locating her escape pod would be near impossible, and in the meantime we had the damned pirates to deal with!

Only after we managed to mop up the remaining forces did the last Exo pilot reveal himself to us. An Ex CGA student of all things! Jake Kabrinski! The fact he struck down Shiro pissed me off, and i could feel a burning rage in my eyes. Aldis, Jimmy and Jackson all put in a great effort to kill the bastard as he boarded his vessel and turned to flee.I felt helpless to help as they were too far out of my own range to aid.

While the rest of us went to collect the injured and see to the civilians, Aldis put his exo on full burn ripping off into the darkness. I had thought he had went mad, as there was no way our exo suits could catch the pirate frigate. we were all surprised when he reported back that he had not only found shiro, but that she was also alive. we sent the shuttle to intercept along with those with medical skill. Shiro was in a bad way, as her left arm had been completely severed from the shrapnel of her Exo armor as it exploded. Now this is where things take an odd turn. I am not certain where Jackson picked up his back water medical knowledge, but he decided that in order to save Shiro’s life he would require a bottle of whiskey and a match. after a long swig, he poured the liquid over the wound and lit the match and amazingly the flash fire cauterised the wound! Then he slipped and fell on her, and her heart, likely from the shock impact, or perhaps from the distinct smell of Jackson kicked into a steady beat.

I am always dumbfounded by the sheer… talent? of these guys. When we returned to the Tasker and collected the remaining exo pilots and General Omura. We were each given instead of praise a stern word by the general, as he found we disobeyed a direct order to keep out of the fight and leave it to the Tasker. Fools, the Tasker would have arrived far too late for any citizens on board. I held my tongue, but it seems Aldis and Dusty Duck were not so graceful. as the next thing I heard Aldis was in the brig and dusty back in the infirmary.

I am glad the dean was more forgiving. He asked that i publish the top 10 students in the Academy, Did I make the cutt? Well i won’t give away any hints.


Squad Leadership: 24
Military Studies: 73
Combat: 127
Advanced Studies: 15
Overall: 239

SONIC – Karren

Squad Leadership: 21
Military Studies: 70
Combat: 118
Advanced Studies: 36
Overall: 232

COWBOY – Jackson

Squad Leadership: 28
Military Studies: 59
Combat: 121
Advanced Studies: 21
Overall: 229


Squad Leadership: 17
Military Studies: 71
Combat: 123
Advanced Studies: 13
Overall: 224


Squad Leadership: 22
Military Studies: 71
Combat: 115
Advanced Studies: 15
Overall: 223

DUSTY DUCK – Norbert

Squad Leadership: 23
Military Studies: 59
Combat: 116
Advanced Studies: 23
Overall: 221

HELIX – Akira

Squad Leadership: 25
Military Studies: 60
Combat: 102
Advanced Studies: 25
Overall: 212


Squad Leadership: 23
Military Studies: 63
Combat: 109
Advanced Studies: 16
Overall: 211


Squad Leadership: 27
Military Studies: 61
Combat: 91
Advanced Studies: 19
Overall: 198

RAZOR – Jake

Squad Leadership: 16
Military Studies: 69
Combat: 107
Advanced Studies: 20
Douchebaggery: -100
Overall: 112


Taloswind Taloswind

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