Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

CGA Weekly, 2nd Issue

By the Rogue Exo

I Managed to interview some students this week. Although I doubt they knew it was the Rouge Exo they were truly speaking to.

With mix results from individual testing we were all placed into squads, some of us ended up in better squads then others. Now I am not certain if this was tactics or pure luck, but ‘Cowboy Jackson’, and ‘Dusty Duck Norbert’, botched their solo run. This placed them in a group with two of the classes hotshot Exo pilots, “Striker1” aka Kyle Dison and His side arm ‘The Red Knight’ Aldis Cuthbert.

Due to a match making formula created by our Professor Takata, Striker1’s team was designed to face off against Lee Evan’s in a 4 on 4 bout in a small asteroid cluster. I had to say I thought the odds were in Lee’s favour as he had two of the top pilots in the preliminary tests and his Auxiliaries were far better rounded then Striker’s team.

It seems a mix of mechanics and Exo Pilots worked well for this make shift team, I know I wouldn’t want to be on it. As all 4 Exo came into the sortie heavily modified. Major upgrades to two of the Exo suits targeting computers, another heavily loaded with missiles while the 4th and lead Exo had its mobility enhanced greatly. This was a technical edge against Lee’s team, as they were only able to outfit two of the Exo suits with better manoeuvrability.This along with better communication and teamwork granted Striker’s team with the win.

Highlights from the Fight are listed below.

The bout started off with Lee’s Team holding back waiting for Striker’s team to make the first strike.
A fainted move by striker caused Lee and his allies to launch all their ordnances at a single target in hopes of taking out their strongest pilot before the fight even started.

With a quick group decision Striker pulled back, reeling away from the incoming missiles. His allies took aim firing past Striker’s exo to destroy most of the ordinances.

Lee’s team took this opportunity to push forward against striker, moving into range and firing at a sole Target, Striker1’s Exo only sustained light damage from the assault, and the team unified to remove as many threats as they could, while most of the fire was returned onto Lee, The Red Knight duelled against Jake Kabrinski, severing his hydraulic line leaving the fighter dead in the air. This duel is what i believe gave Aldis his new nickname, that and the fact his exo was clearly visible for the entire sortie afterwards due to the red hydraulic fluid that back sprayed onto his exo suit.

The fight was now a 3 on 4, with Lee’s team scrambling to land blows, Kikuchi aka ‘Jester’ took position behind Striker focusing on a barrage of attacks with the pathfinder’s plasma lances.

Meanwhile Dusty Duck launched a barrage of missiles at Lee’s Exo suit. An attack lee managed to barely dodge, but also left him open to Striker’s particle cannon. Two quick shots put Lee’s Exo suit out of commission. His’s Exo’s power coupling shutting down moments before the remaining missiles were to hit him. Luckily these safety measures likely saved the life of a student.

Thomas was shot down quickly after, yet somehow Jester not only kept his head in a 4 on 1 battle, he managed to dish out nearly as well as he received.

Eventually Jester’s luck ran out as he could no longer evade the incoming barrage of fire.

Lee Evans was reported cursing threats of revenge and insults to the Pathfinder Exo suits claiming them to be inferior tools to the NEO suits he was used to. It is likely this is what caused his school Call-sign to be Dubbed ‘CryBai’.

Unlike other Pilots in our squadron I felt it best to reserve the use of Lee’s call-sign, as post issue, Lee’s temper caused him to place three jesting students into the infirmary.

Of course the Rouge Exo destroyed the opposition, and our squad is ranked only slightly behind that of Striker1’s but it seems unlikely we will be able to test our skills against each other.

With the report of War, The NEO and MCR officials have bumped up their recruiting measures, Neo Officials have started offering custom EXO suits to pilots who sign on designed around their capabilities, and boast the most spacious living quarters for their pilots as well as triple the pay that the MCR can afford.

The MCR officials have only bumped up their recruiting measures, but do state that their Exo pilots receive extra ‘Privileges’ in the fleet.

It is my guess we will loose over 70% of our students to these offers. Of course those in the advanced Exo program will likely be offered even more if we seek to meet with them.

From my interviews it seems Akira and Trist have both opted to join MCR despite the lower pay While I suspect Lee Evans, Thomas and Kikuchi will all take the NEO offer.
The officials from all bidding entities will be on campus now under constant observation of the remaining pilots. I have been approached by a few my self, and I expect they will meet with any students wishing to weigh their options.

The CGA has also asked me to inform students seeking refuge from the war can instead look for employment here within the CGA it self. and that should you wish it, to speak to the Dean.

Well I guess that’s it for now.

Rogue Exo- Out!


Taloswind Taloswind

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