Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

CGA Weekly

By the Rogue Exo

Hey fans, its me again, the Rogue Exo.
Here to give you the low-down on the latest from the CGA Academy.

Yours truly as well as a batch of the academy’s finest were accepted into the advanced Exo-Armor training program. Our instructors are none other then the world renowned pirate slayer General Omura and the child prodigy Takata Isamu.

With our basic assessment under way I must say I have been impressed with a number of my competitors. By far Kyle Dison has the class intimidated with his sheer proneness in the simulators, But other notable students are Aldis Cuthbert and Lee Evans. who both excel in the physical aspect of our training.

On the other end of the spectrum, I am shocked and surprised by a student calling himself “Jimmy” it took some digging but I found out that his real name is Norbert J. Hathaway. I can only assume the J is for Jimmy. Either way, since we started out training he has been in and out of the medical Facility a number of times, first getting into a gun fight… yes a real western style shoot out on his first day. no sooner then getting cleared for class he found himself in a fist fight that took him out of the dorms for another three days. While I say I’m surprised, its because despite these setbacks he is barely trailing the leaders on the CGA assessment Exams.

There is also Jackson Murphy, who seems to not understand how basic Zero G training works… Maybe he should have stuck to the ground based forces…

So far most of the students have kept to themselves. but I assume all that is about to change, as next week we are to start off in Exo combat training, after which we will be placed into teams.

It is rumoured that our team work is what we are really being graded on and the better we do in these final weeks the higher chance of getting the placements we are really after. If that is Truly the case, I hope i get some like minded team-mates as I can see being placed in a volatile team hindering my chances.

On the Gossip side of things, it seems that Lee Evans has a way with the women, and has even begun trying to court our very own school nurse Jannet Craig. There is no confirming anything has come of this, but the recently viral video of Lee exposing himself to Jannet in the medical bay is enough to keep us excited as to what may come.


Taloswind Taloswind

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