Silcore: Jovian Chronicles

A grave realisation - Personal Log - 37 [Conrad]

There has been a series of events occurring in rapid succession recently. Ever since the departure from Luna there has been a lot of tough choices. After encountering a small gang of Exo’s we eventually met up with Akira. Of course meeting up with Akira was rather tense due to us essentially falling into one of his traps that was setup. Lets just say Toby needs to not be as reckless anymore because his failure put the entire operation at risk.

The trap that we fell into essentially was an ECM attack that sapped all the power from the Merlin. Luckily we did have some support systems in place but it was still very dangerous sitting in an asteroid belt like a sitting duck. After some time had passed the power was restored and we followed their flagship back to their base of operations. It was very odd to me that they even had exo’s just hanging off of the ship but that just increased my understanding of the situation.

The Martian defenses were essentially shattered and there was combat happening on the ground. How could one hope to weaken the enemy with such limitations in not only manpower but leadership as well. If the Martian fleet is partially destroyed then they will have little chances to defend their space around the planet itself. What came up frequently during the meetings was these floating platforms that they were using to launch attacks and raids on the Martian defenses.

During our visit we apparently gained an addition to our “task force”. Akira essentially told us that he doesn’t force anyone to stick around if they don’t want to and everyone can act on their own. These group of kids who have seen combat decided to join us based on our past accomplishments. Initially I was against the idea as wasting life was cruel and pointless but this is war. So with our new additions we began to plan the entire operation of assaulting this platform. The goal was to drag a big portion of the offensive forces to us. This way it allowed the Martian fleet to either rendezvous with what’s left of other half of the Martian fleet or head down to the surface.

Towards the end of the week the plan has been flushed out and everyone had a role and place. Toby was to command the ECM tower to disable the guns to allow a safe landing. During the guns downtime we would lead an assault on the platform itself with the goal of attracting as much attention as possible. Its only an hour left until the operation is on the way and with that I hope to live another day.


Taloswind d00mbring3r

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